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The fluffy, pale quinoa in this gingery salad contrasts nicely with the dark, chewy wild rice.
Instead, they seem to have been used to store wild barley and wild oats.
Only a handful of wild animal species have been successfully bred to get along with humans.
Wild mushroom varieties are available at gourmet markets or at farmers' markets, where foragers often sell their wares.
They've evolved a fear of new things, which is not found to the same extent in wild native rats.
Combine the wild rice, water and salt in a heavy saucepan.
The wild river that along its lengthy journey gives life to so much and so many will be tamed forever.
Scientists recently discovered the wild yeast that came to be used to brew lager beer.
Still water is by nature reflective, peaceful, and a boon to the wild creatures that live nearby.
But behavioral records from the wild are not the currency of cognitive psychology.
He also captured a poorly known wild animal and in doing so changed our modern lives.
Fall is a great time to enjoy the woodsy, earthy flavors of mushrooms, both wild and cultivated.
Life for wild pandas has been improving too, partly by accident.
But its function in wild chili plants has been mysterious.
No other place promises such easy and overwhelming immersion in the wild world.
Avoid any wild print or crazy color because the participants might think more about your clothes than about your message.
Mink for dissection are purpose bred and were not collected from wild populations.
But improved learning ability does not get selected amongst these animals in the wild.
Some of us go wild over a rich and textured narrative.
On top of that, there is the cost of repairing damage caused by wild animals and falling trees.
Animal hermits can learn from their peers, researchers say, even though they rarely encounter one another in the wild.
Most of the others have been released back into the wild.
It will be a wild whacky world if there is no inter-dependency.
Contrast wild nature and clean, smooth architectural furniture against a crusty stone wall for richness.
The so-called river rabbits have come to dominate the country's waterways since they were released into the wild a century ago.
Among her discoveries is that she has the wild soul of an academic.
Ultralight video cameras fastened to the tail feathers of crows have shown the birds to be versatile tool-users in the wild.
It's a fairly common practice to help certain endangered species in the wild by providing them with extra food or prey.
Light blue berries with hint of wild blueberry flavor.
He was often melancholy, and wild conviviality and celebrity made no difference to that.
Seeds have evolved many of these striking features to help them propagate in the wild.
My program has been a wild roller coaster ride, both academically and personally, but it has been fun.
The drug is fed to the mosquitoes in the lab, but is not available in the wild.
Wildlife is under pressure because more and more people move to wild places.
There are a few wild characters in archaeology, but the real work is often pretty tedious.
Two scientists explore the controversies over releasing genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild.
Choose sliced tofu from this recipe's list of usable proteins, and go wild with your choice of vegetable options.
Sometimes a few snips from your own yard and a quick dressing are all you need to make a beautiful wild flower salad.
Head out on cross-country skis or chat with locals over wild sockeye salmon in the restaurant.
These high-country campsites are tucked into a densely forested valley punctuated with wild-flowers and aspens.
Students can get wild and crazy, but the wider world can get wilder and crazier.
Going forward, zoos must actually put funds and manpower into both research and saving habitat in the wild all over the world.
The horn remains the wild card in period-instrument orchestras, and in modern ones too.
It isn't in the wild, and can't be spread in the wild.
It's a hedge against releasing private emails and photos into the wild.
Concept cars give automotive designers a chance to let their imaginations run wild, often with outlandish results.
The field in the foreground has a wild uncultivated appearance as if it had been allowed to remain fallow the preceding summer.
In the wild, though, their calls may go much higher in pitch and much faster in tempo than any human tutor's voice.
Wild tigers' bones are particularly prized since they are considered more potent than their semi-domesticated peers.
Another has been releasing mosquitoes out into the wild.
If the author's speculation is irrelevant and wild, then provide your own theory that is not irrelevant or wild.
It would be interesting to track the protein in farm-raised fish vs wild-caught.
There's been no evidence of animals seeking out naturally fermented fruit in the wild-until now.
In creating a novel organism, they will also remove key metabolic pathways so that it could never survive in the wild.
The underdog creams a top-ranked opponent-and the crowd goes wild.
Gather enough estimates and the wild guesses cancel each other out, bringing you closer to the answer.
Yet in spite of all this, rather little has been done to find out if such characteristics exist in wild animals.
Another proposal was to ban the use of primates caught in the wild.
Some conservationists think there is no future for a truly wild and unprotected elephant.
He has soothed the stinging disdain voters once felt for his party without filling them with wild enthusiasm.
Feeding bees supplements, rather than relying on their ability to forage in the wild, costs time and money.
But the real fun will come as ordinary folk at home feel free to let their creativity run wild.
The primate who taught other primates how to survive in the wild.
We learned that they're not eating much meat in the wild.
And yet this ideal of wild salmon is increasingly an illusion.
They add to the sense that this place is truly wild, and well worth the challenge.
With them come roads, grocery stores and lawns that tend to replace the wild, unkempt.
It's incredible to realize that human actions on land can have such an impact on wild otters in the ocean.
Scientists know of only one in the wild, identified by its call.
Regenerative medicine's once-wild ideas are fast becoming reality.
They captured every condor in the wild and established a captive-breeding program.
He explains to his fellow shepherds that the occasional sheep, killed by the desert's wild beasts, is far less valuable than.
Wild ducks jet up and down the blue waters in spring and autumn, and fly fishermen wade the riffles, casting leisurely.
Wild open space holds a power that no museum or chandeliered restaurant can match.
They even snack on the dung of wild dogs and wildebeests.
We haven't heard his music but the tattoo is pretty wild.
Our return to eating local chicken and wild fish was even more unsettling.
Already, it's been tracked, there are genetically modified species growing in the wild screwing around with our ecosystem.
One way to make this kind of prediction is to study how a story spreads soon after it is released into the wild.
Currently fungi do exactly this, a vast number of species break down plant material in the wild.
We did really well with text and speech because there's lots of data in the wild.
The problem with many of these wild ideas for new computer interfaces is that they forget the simple power of laziness.
We can find gene pool contamination even of the wild related species of plants.
Genetically engineered organisms can revert to wild type, losing the expensively implanted genes.
Fiction's current willingness to take wild liberties with the past may well come from a sense of its own cultural demotion.
His material was uncompromisingly to his own taste, filled with wild tirades about apparent trivialities.
Southern food once owed much of its variety and agricultural vigor to wild plants.
At its funeral, wild-eyed mourners spy signs of life.
She'd left her hair wild and stopped wearing makeup.
With distance, the torrents of wild scandal increase in volume and volubility.
She looked at her with wild eyes, her face eaten away by who knows what despair.
There is therefore an element of the wild goose chase to all the band's music.
Critics contend it is also destroying land along coasts and hastening the demise of wild fish.
When scientists find first-generation hybrid whiptails in the wild, they're almost always sterile.
Researchers have observed that animals in the wild may also attain genetic benefits from inbreeding.
In the wild, vegetative reproduction commonly happens on a much grander scale.
We don't know, in large part because scientists haven't done that many long-term field studies on wild animals.
They certainly had wild car chases and brutal violence.
But you can use her home as a base to explore all sorts of wild hot spots in the area.
It's wild because you're also watching this artist at work, but instead of a canvas he has a wall of monitors.
Wild indulgence was for other people, the non-worriers.
First the wild hair, then the rheumy eyes, then the lips.
They were wild and you never quite knew what to believe.
But there are teachers out there waiting to instruct him in the wild life.
Fish are the last wild food, but our oceans are being picked clean.
Maybe stick to nasturtium and wild sage in your foraging expeditions.
Wild plants--some still undiscovered--could develop into replacement food sources.
With a second wild card playoff berth on its way, there may be slightly more forgiveness in the future.
Let wild inspiration carry you away, and dive into action.

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