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Example sentences for wiki

Wiki could figure out where to put this and the interested reader could seek it out.
Great article, much better description to the wiki page.
We ask that you adhere to wiki principles of good faith, civility and consensus decision-making.
Normally, one of my favorite parts of the semester is getting the new wiki and blog stuff set up.
By the way, my impression is wiki that wiki is normally right.
Not sure if that's better or worse than finding out from the wiki.
Students need to start working on the wiki as soon as possible, so that they can get accustomed to it.
Please say that you are updating the wiki with your successes.
Wiki's entry includes a number of freely available research report references.
Any user of the wiki can construct such a search based on a combination of known facts.
Wiki agrees with whomever last went in and edited the wiki contents.
Well, the wiki gives an explanation similar to mine.
There's also a social side: gamers can chat on online forums, work in groups to solve puzzles and share solutions on a wiki.
Look below this message for a list of the available wiki spaces.
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