wiggly in a sentence

Example sentences for wiggly

The wiggly and slightly bumpy slope will be lengthened, and comfortable villas will be added to the existing bunkhouses.
The line between crackpot and innovative is sometimes wiggly.
Websites often ask you to decipher a few wiggly letters.
Those detections come about as plots of sine waves and wiggly lines.
Perhaps the space program should look again for wiggly things.
She has no tolerance for garish, salty, gluey or wiggly.
The phonograph has abandoned the simple and direct relation of the wiggly record groove to the musical waveform.
My drive, along the wiggly northern coast and across the island's rugged spine, would take me five days.
The critter scope is an exploring tool that can peek into the lifestyles of the wet and wiggly world.
These cute and cuddly booties will stay on your little one's wiggly feet.
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