wiggle room in a sentence

Example sentences for wiggle room

Leave as little wiggle room as possible for the consultant by spelling out the terms in advance.
Guidelines on investigating and reporting casualties have been amended over the years but there's still plenty of wiggle room.
Any wiggle room for abusive interrogations, they emphasized, would be construed as permission.
And these surplus codons provide enough wiggle room for geneticists to play around with.
The total genome content proportions are rough estimates, there may be some wiggle room in there.
Herbaceous plants don't fossilize well so there's wiggle room there.
There were four main styles but each had some wiggle room in their execution.
Well, there is still wiggle room even outside the genes of large effect, particularly on the individual level.
We want there to be some social wiggle room in the law.
The measure would also give drivers more wiggle room to creep up to the edge of an intersection before stopping.
Most people are locked into their own conceptions of truth with little or no wiggle room.
Though they left themselves wiggle room, the change of tone was clear.
With interest rates already at zero, policymakers have little wiggle room.
But the results also explain where nurture gets its wiggle room.
But even then the government will still have some wiggle room.
Had they read the small print, they would have seen that he left himself some wiggle room.
Errors in judgement are compounded by less wiggle room.
It also needs to be understood that the employees need to have wiggle room to think on their feet without being reprimanded.
It should slide in smoothly with a little wiggle room.
The bill has wiggle room as far the type of testing, not specifically stated as criteria referenced testing.
If the statement is not recorded, the defendant has more wiggle room.
So that you're fairly precise about what is reliable truth versus what areas give you more wiggle room.
The shelter looks cozy, albeit small, and we're surprised that it accommodates two of us with a little wiggle room besides.
As a matter of statutory interpretation, there is little wiggle room here.
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