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At night there are the hula dancers to giggle at when their hips shake back and forth making a funny wiggle.
Only wiggle or shake if it takes longer than an hour to dissolve.
He was holding it inside his coat, and it contrived to wiggle partly down the sleeve.
Stick a darning needle or a hat pin in the hole and wiggle it around to scramble the contents.
Guidelines on investigating and reporting casualties have been amended over the years but there's still plenty of wiggle room.
Harvard scientists have built a soft-bodied robot flexible enough to wiggle into tight spaces no other robot can reach.
Any wiggle room for abusive interrogations, they emphasized, would be construed as permission.
Miller has experimented with himself by trying to teach himself to wiggle one of his ears without moving the other one.
More leverage, less wiggle-new snowboard boots and bindings give you an edge.
They squeeze those muscles to wiggle their bodies forward in a series of curves.
She first finds something to put in her mouth then the tail starts which in turn makes the body wiggle and rub against your legs.
To dispel the aura of strangeness, my goal is to wiggle my way into a dual appointment with another department.
Leave as little wiggle room as possible for the consultant by spelling out the terms in advance.
As long as both people can agree on the standards, and as long as it's in writing, then there's no wiggle-room later.
Right, you push them down on your nose and wiggle your eyebrows.
There's some wiggle room for make-ups on those, but not a lot.
If you wiggle your fingers, you see its fingers wiggle.
The airplane began to wiggle a little and decelerate.
Bees wiggle around to tell their comrades the location of food supplies.
To charge up the light, you wiggle the weatherproof sealed plastic case out of its soft silicone sheath.
The wiggle trace measures the vertical movement the seismometer experiences from the seismic waves.
Mounting the throwing arm on tube, instead of a short one took a lot of wiggle out of the contraption.
Psychedelic colors wiggle and blur, and cartoon pills fly into talking mouths.
Does not show the proper wiggle and hip action to turn the corner, preferring to power his way up the middle.
He has excellent hip swerve, wiggle and balance to slip through tight creases.
Has minimum wiggle in his run, but is effective eluding defenders due to his leg strength, as he can be slippery.
More of a straight-line runner, lacking the hip wiggle or stutter-step moves to elude.
Will power through tackles, but lacks good hip wiggle to elude.
With the dying wiggle of the final snake dance, football becomes largely a matter of theoretical bitterness.
Silicone the fur and capillary exclusion will have it dry in a quick wiggle, for both reasons: eg sheep and lanolin.
But, there is wiggle room around this number, and you may have more or less.
With patience, you can wiggle your feet and let water trickle around them, eventually loosening the mud.
Since the wiggle is only at one side of the galaxy, it is doubtful whether the rotation curve has a wiggle.
Astronomers discover these planets by calculating how they interact with the star they orbit, making it wiggle ever so slightly.
The total genome content proportions are rough estimates, there may be some wiggle room in there.
She could lift her right leg above the bed and wiggle her toes.
At higher temperatures, molecules wiggle around more so it's harder to image them with such clarity.
Well, there is still wiggle room even outside the genes of large effect, particularly on the individual level.
And these surplus codons provide enough wiggle room for geneticists to play around with.
There were four main styles but each had some wiggle room in their execution.
Herbaceous plants don't fossilize well so there's wiggle room there.
The data will wiggle around for a while, and then the wiggling will simply disappear for no apparent reason.
Though they left themselves wiggle room, the change of tone was clear.
With interest rates already at zero, policymakers have little wiggle room.
But the results also explain where nurture gets its wiggle room.
But even then the government will still have some wiggle room.
Certainly, the new proposals leave national regulators plenty of room to wiggle.
Had they read the small print, they would have seen that he left himself some wiggle room.
But since this wiggle-room is the legacy of low inflation volatility, it cannot be taken for granted.
Increasing the wiggle room would allow the yuan to appreciate, making the global adjustment a bit easier.
One is that, being so tiny, hydrogen atoms can wiggle through the crystal lattice of the material used to contain it.
The length of the wiggle depends on the size of the fault, and the size of the wiggle depends on the amount of slip.
They violently wiggle their abdominal prolegs when disturbed and is shown in the picture below.
Or perhaps you could pat your own tummy and notice the wiggle frequency there.
While sitting motionless with its mouth open wide, the turtle will wiggle the lure and entice unwary fish to investigate.
The tail continues to wiggle after being disconnected and distracts the predator until the skink can escape.
Once you get the old bushing out about an inch to an inch and a half, you can wiggle it out the rest of the way.
Executives get sweetheart deals and wiggle out of loan obligations.
The measure would also give drivers more wiggle room to creep up to the edge of an intersection before stopping.
We want there to be some social wiggle room in the law.
Then, gently wiggle it back and forth, maintaining tension.

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