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Start with headlines in the widget and read any story with a single click.
They represent the amount of money needed to pay your staff to make one unit of output, one widget.
She's talking about a matchbox-sized widget that museums use to monitor humidity and temperature in their galleries.
These envelopes have a small widget inside onto which you record a ten-second message.
Still, imagine what this little widget could do for your reputation.
And they never will until everybody you want to swap details with is using the exact same application or widget.
Once inside an app or widget though, you lose those options.
Up to a certain point, the more widgets you produce, the cheaper each widget becomes.
Bottled and canned versions require the intervention of a tiny beer-widget.
But say that widgets in general are dangerous, and widget-makers can do nothing about it.
But because of the nature of the tasks there's no way it can ever reach the rate of productivity growth in widget-making.
Any site that decides to adopt the widget will receive its share of fees collected from the service's inception.
It sort of over time became an interchangeable widget.
Please consider placing a widget on your website to help share this information to your audience.
Pick the widget that suits your space, grab the embed code, and copy it into your page.
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