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Although this theory has been widely accepted, finding an actual shock breakout was due to extreme serendipity.
Voodoo is widely regarded as a mysterious and sinister practice that's taboo in many cultures.
It's hardly news that the world's glaciers are melting-a phenomenon widely attributed to gradually rising global temperatures.
Stereographs provided some of the first widely circulated pictures of important events.
He wants people to adopt a frog and forget the widely used chemical controls.
They contain geological features widely considered unparalleled for their beauty and grandeur.
Ranging widely through dense vegetation, forest elephants are extraordinarily difficult to study.
Widely scattered small indigenous communities were reorganized into urban population centers.
In tonal languages, the same word can have widely different meanings depending on the inflection of the speaker.
Tattooing is one of the world's oldest art forms and has been widely practiced for thousands of years.
Its aggressive, widely spaced lugs are perfect for shedding the slop of spring.
The tsunami of one month ago has been widely reported by eyewitnesses who published their own stories and images online.
The precise date was widely disputed by other scientists and government officials.
The movie was widely panned by critics and seems to have quickly slipped out of theaters.
Technology developed from that discovery is widely used today in pollution cleanup.
Pull-off points encourage strolls and hikes, and basic rest facilities are widely available.
In plants and animals that eat other life-forms, the isotope ratio should vary widely.
The severity of that earthquake depends on how far and how widely each plate slips.
The find lends considerable support to one side of a scientific controversy that has been widely debated for decades.
Currently, proteins isolated from jellyfish that emit fluorescent green light are widely used for this purpose.
Growth is widely thought to be the panacea for all the major economic ills of the modern world.
The main problem with dispersants relates to the fact that they help to spread oil more widely into the environment.
The insanity defense, rarely used, is widely misunderstood.
Clouded leopards are so secretive that their current range can only be guessed at and population estimates vary widely.
The students who met at her home varied widely in their personalities and backgrounds.
Patterns of human land use vary widely around the world, influenced by biophysical and socioeconomic conditions.
The researchers comprise two distinct disciplines, with widely divergent interests and approaches.
He is widely regarded as one of the world's preeminent conservation biologists.
Had he lived a little longer, he might be more widely known today.
The widely-used apparatus helped users with multiplication, division and other calculations.
Laws regarding traffic enforcement cameras vary widely across the country.
Barron is the only safety widely projected to be drafted in this year's first round.
The cost of covering athletes' full expenses would vary widely, even within the same conference.
It is generally different, and sometimes widely different in reciprocal crosses between the same two species.
Under domestication monstrosities sometimes occur which resemble normal structures in widely different animals.
It is almost incredible how ancient and how widely diffused is the notion that sneezing is an omen which requires to be averted.
But it served its day, and was for a time widely read.
The temperature of the world fluctuated widely, and there were long periods of glacial cold.
In some cases it can be shown that widely-different checks act on the same species in different districts.
The elections were widely judged to be free and fair.
The revolutionary spirit had extended widely in that country, and the government became alarmed.
Each is due to vibrations, but the vibrations of light differ widely from the vibrations of sound.
With cultivation on the rise, however, it is now moderately priced and widely available.
The water and fertilizer needs of shrubs vary widely, so it's important to learn each plant's requirements before purchase.
The ones shown here are widely sold at home and garden centers and nurseries.
On older plants, cut back ends of twigs to point where fruit buds are widely spaced.
These seasonal plants are widely available at garden centers and florists.
Although these eggs aren't widely available in stores, you can often find them at farmers' markets.
Widely spaced teeth can be a temporary condition related to normal growth and the development of adult teeth.
BlackBerry messages are widely thought to be tightly encrypted.
Subsequent reports for other sectors made clear that the pain is widely shared.
But, fortunately, the world's gas reserves are more widely dispersed than its oil.
The vents are both widely spaced and transient, which means their denizens live a precarious existence.
One was the euro, which was widely blamed for pushing up prices and eroding savings.
Chimpanzees, among whom females mate widely, have large ones.
Statutory notice periods vary widely around the world.
The public events are in recognition that his new law is not widely popular among voters.
In each case a technology created for military use has gone on to become widely used by civilians.
It is true that family-controlled companies that are run by their founders usually generate higher returns than widely held ones.
In fact levels are known to vary widely within even small areas, depending on weather patterns and building materials.
Colleges' student populations vary widely by family income as well as by race.
The new test does away with a writing section that wasn't widely considered.
To succeed you must make your talents well known and widely appreciated.
Enrollment in two-year colleges varies widely from state to state, according to a report being released today.
Students write a report about what they learned while on co-op, but the amount of responsibility varies widely.
If you want to be read more widely and well, you must write well.
And despite the risks and complications, students and parents will be better off when such information becomes widely known.
Widely available satellite imagery is making governments around the world awfully nervous.
What nobody is sure of, however, is how such an impact might have killed so widely.
Estimates of the degree of genetic and environmental influences on religiousness have varied widely.
Cloning research that does not involve people is becoming more widely accepted.
In part because of his contributions, inflation has become a widely accepted model in contemporary cosmology.
Coal fires are as ancient and as widely distributed as coal itself.
It has always been widely suspected that the full story might be more complicated.
In particular, the shape of the talus bone-directly above the heel and below the lower leg bone-differs widely among humans.
Laws governing the marriage of first cousins vary widely.
But amid the hoopla that this widely publicized finding generated, a critical fact was often overlooked.
The article was quickly reprinted and widely distributed by newswires.
Around this time it became more widely known that he carried a plastic rabbit and liked to consult his astrologer.
At the time, dinosaurs were still widely considered to be sluggish scaly lumps.
Europium is widely exploited to make vivid displays for laptop computers and smart phones.
The tools to record and distribute information about the world are too widely distributed.
Which only illustrates why fake quotes are so widely dispersed.
Paradoxically, one of the clearest signs of the success of intelligence tests is that they are no longer widely administered.
He is now widely viewed as the best mountain unicyclist in the world.
His integration of high-end manufacture with a higher purpose is widely admired among his colleagues in the fashion industry.
Credit cards widely accepted, though the waitress always asks whether you want to pay for your meal on the installment plan.
She has an extraordinary palate but she's even more widely known as a tireless proponent of local, seasonal, and organic food.
Today's financial firms are limited- liability corporations owned by what are often widely dispersed stockholders.
It contains additional supporting evidence of the volume's thesis-now widely accepted by the historical profession.
Different people vary widely in the acuteness of their smell sense, as in the different odors to which they are sensitive.
It has been widely reviewed, both showered with praise and bitterly attacked.
Still, he was willing to speculate cautiously on what values could be widely shared.
It is not widely understood how much a product of his times he was.
Similar as these books are in layout and subject matter, they differ widely in tone and presentation.
The memo's legal arguments were widely regarded as preposterous.
Formaldehyde is toxic, but still widely used to make glues-particularly for the adhesives that hold together plywood.
Because of its hallucinogenic side effects, ketamine is unlikely to become a widely used antidepressant.
These materials offer higher performance than the amorphous silicon widely used today, without increasing costs.
Such windows have existed for awhile, but they are expensive and not widely used.
The team's lectures were widely distributed throughout the country.
The benefits of capitalism spread more widely among the population.
The drug heparin is widely used to prevent blood from clotting in medical procedures ranging from dialysis to open-heart surgery.
Industrial robots, which are widely used in manufacturing, work with parts that come in standard shapes and sizes.
The quick expansion of social and mobile technologies is creating a widely distributed workforce.
Scanners create high-quality images in file formats that are open and widely implemented.
So far, however, they have been too inefficient and expensive to be widely used.
These events vary widely as to when, where, how and why they happened.
Conspiracy theories are rarely true, even though they have great appeal and are often widely believed.
And while the need for basic reform is widely agreed upon, its implementation is not.
As usual his grayish hair is closely shorn, his eyes sparkle, and he is grinning widely.

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