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The other half sat in expansive postures with their legs spread wide or their arms reaching outward.
While gossip may spread far and wide in academia, it doesn't matter.
Often barely three feet wide and half that deep, the lowly acequia is a hand-dug, lovingly maintained ditch.
Those partnerships pose a wide range of payoffs and risks, the agency says.
Quite how wide a net the new law will cast is not clear.
She looked so beautiful when flying as the wings were wide open and it showcased all of her beautiful colors.
Since the early days of manned space flight, engineers have designed a wide variety of space suits.
For bike enthusiasts, ain't no mountain high enough and now ain't no river wide enough.
Polymers can fulfill a wide variety of functions thanks to properties such as high strength, solvent resistance and insulation.
The pits, which appear to untrained eyes as ponds or depressions in the ground, are a few yards to hundreds of yards wide.
But scientists are losing a lot of the data, say researchers in a wide range of disciplines.
But their service imports exceeded their exports of services by a wide margin.
Eco-friendly building incorporates a wide variety of concepts and strategies during the design and construction process.
Self-guided online therapy may offer relief for a wide range of disorders.
Gliding in a wide circle, the couple ends with a bow to the king, which is followed by a well-timed flourish on the harpsichord.
With a wide shoulder strap, you can carry it around the market as you shop.
The department is open to a wide range of methods, areas, and periods.
The hurricanes also promote bleaching recovery on corals across a wide area.
Their work can be viewed at a wide variety of galleries around the state.
Many colleges now have the ability to digitize a wide variety of collections for broad use but frequently back away.
Since then state leaders have worked to shrink wide budget gaps.
Some even claim that it's sweeter because of the wide variety of flowers available.
These unique coins are bound to appeal to a wide audience beyond the typically enthusiastic numismatic community.
It also has a three-mirror system to bring images into sharp focus over a wide field.
Mistaking them for berries, birds pluck the seeds from fruit and excrete them over a wide territory.
Part of what so fascinates us about dinosaurs is that they came in such a wide array of forms.
Now another fleet is landing in the desert, led by new and used wide-body freighters.
The way dividends are taxed can have wide-ranging consequences for how a firm is run.
Campaigners want a ban because the weapons, which release smaller bomblets over a wide area, do great harm to civilians.
But the gap between principle and practice is often wide.
It thus has a wide range of uses, from abrasives and cutting tools to bullet-proof vests and ceramic brakes in sports cars.
The snakes then open wide-sometimes really wide-and ingest their prey whole.
Some trails were wide for a while, narrow, then wide again.
Adapts to wide variety of conditions but not to desert.
Wide, flat blades are inexpensive to build and work well as drag devices.
From sleep hogs to early birds, people have a wide range of shut-eye needs.
But that idea does not explain why population-wide trends for handedness exist in the first place.
From a wide back-and-forth to a narrower back-and-forth consciousness is the wide swing.
Nor does he contribute much likely to be of permanent value in any part of the wide domain of affectivity.
Shape cream cake mixture four and one-half inches long by one inch wide, by forcing through a pastry bag and tube.
It'll require a gaggle of drones and spy planes to monitor such a wide area.
We brought together three experts for a wide-ranging video conversation on what might happen next.
Community colleges play a crucial role in increasing access to higher education for a wide range of students.
To strengthen intra-college, community, and of district-wide staff relations.
The result was a wide-ranging and thought-provoking conversation.
We seek a candidate interested in developing the department's relationship with campus-wide sustainability initiatives.
The wide-ranging nature of creative-campus initiatives has been particularly striking.
If you're looking for a source of shade, pick a tree with a wide canopy.
It's also important to find out how wide and high a perennial will ultimately grow.
Hand-water gently with a wide nozzle, or use drip to irrigate pots or hanging baskets.
And it has the potential for a wide variety of flavor shifts.
There are numerous decking materials that accommodate a wide variety of lifestyles and budgets.
Our fabrics are available in a wide array of colors and styles to meet every decorating taste.
They infest a wide variety of plants, including woody types as well as flowers and vegetables.
If you have a little space-a wide path or even a driveway-bordering rows of flowering trees can transform it.
The designs pair especially well with hens and chicks and a wide variety of other succulents.
Its wide streets were dotted with churches, and there wasn't a bar in the whole temperate town.
They symbolize much that has been lost to progress wide-open spaces, self-sufficiency and a sense of unabridged freedom.
It is packed with scientific and historical information that will no doubt please a wide variety of readers.
By a wide margin, the biggest threat to our nation's balance sheet is the skyrocketing cost of health care.
Around its roof hung a gutter as wide as a human thigh.
The canvas is eighty-eight inches high by sixty-eight wide.
His primary medium is sculpture, but he has used such a wide range of materials and media that his work has no signature style.
She was rail thin, with a wide face and terrifyingly subtle and balanced facial geometry.
The raft was twelve feet long and four feet wide, and it had a small cabin.
She had short, unruly hair and wide-set eyes that glared at the camera in a closeup shot.
He is more than six feet tall and handsome, with a wide, easygoing face.
Welch's range is not wide and her voice has a mournful, vernacular quality.
For monkey enthusiasts there are lemurs, the spry, wide-eyed relatives of monkeys.
Interns take part in company-wide meetings and work closely with the staff on a wide range of projects.
Its conclusion: traditional genetic crosses outperform genetically modified crops by a wide margin.
The careful listener, however, will detect a wide variety of power tools.
We provide a variety of smaller settings where interactive biblical teaching is offered on a wide range of life issues.
It is usually caused by a bacterial infection that sets off a body-wide inflammatory response.
The musical selections for the president's campaign events seem carefully calibrated to appeal to a wide range of voters.
He would have a car by fall, and a new trailer-maybe even a double-wide.
In this wide-open career the plebeian suffered for his mediocrity, and the sceptic for his doubt.
Doctors have been trying to devise ways to monitor drug compliance among patients with a wide range of diseases.
The delivery system, shown here, is approximately six feet long by three feet wide and three to four feet tall.
Each solar module is about one meter wide and five and a half meters long.
On the leaf's surface are tiny wax crystals tens of nanometers wide, which hold water drops as almost perfectly spherical beads.
They start by etching grooves into the substrate, leaving a series of thin sapphire ridges, each about one micrometer wide.
The puzzle is how leaves grow into such a wide variety of similar shapes.
They would allow companies to build interactive or video ads that could reach a wide variety of devices.
His plastic hand is deft enough to grasp a wide variety of objects without damaging them.
Dye-based cells work well at wide angles and are longer lasting.
Prices of these metals, which are found in small amounts in a wide range of high-tech products, have been skyrocketing.
Tagliatelle is a wide pasta known as the perfect accompaniment for any hearty sauce.
Frankfurters covered in chili go by a wide range of regional names.
Fold the squares tightly into triangles and roll them into crescents, starting at the wide end.
Stir together rice flour and water in a wide shallow bowl.
Bring wide end of husk over filling to cover, then fold in sides.
Then put down your fork, pick up the shell, and slurp down the oyster from the wide end-it's more aerodynamic that way.
The exhibitions will cover a wide range of modern activity.
With her wide smile and natural curiosity, she would be a perfect hostess for her father.
Deeply involved in philanthropic projects, he offers time and money to a wide range of causes.
The implications of such a wide divergence of opinion are frightening.
That, together with its wide-ranging implications, is in fact what has made it exciting and fruitful.
Into the void of the world's largest failed state has stepped a wide variety of organizations wanting to help.
On the contrary, he displays an exemplary openness to a wide range of points of view.
Such relationships bring with them a wide variety of values and cultural models that have a universal validity.
Indeed, she and her critics seem to argue across a chasm so wide that she finds it more worthwhile to talk to her gorillas.
Merwin's nonpunctuation is one extreme choice from a wide spectrum of possibility.
But it is useful for feeders at the public trough to present an image of wide-ranging discussion.
The world-the shadow of the soul, or other me, lies wide around.
At no time in history has the gulf between rich and poor been so wide.
As any poet can tell you, one often sees better with eyes closed than with eyes wide open.
He argues that even a six-mile-wide asteroid could not stir up enough dust to create a global shroud.
Interspersed among normal beats came fast salvos of wide, slurred shapes.
Normally, this allows wide-angle aerial views to be captured in proper perspective.
He is active on the lecture circuit, writes regularly, and has instant access to a wide array of top-tier policymakers.
Honeybees can also respond to a wide range of colors.

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