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Example sentences for wicking

Its natural water-resistance and moisture-wicking properties keep you warm and dry.
For short trips of one to two days, one base layer of thermal wicking underwear is sufficient.
Wear a shirt with moisture wicking material as your inner layer to promote comfort in any weather.
Padded gloves, a sweat band and a wicking undershirt will make you more comfortable.
Your long underwear is your moisture-wicking layer of clothing, which is responsible for keeping you warm and dry.
Wear a three-layer system with moisture-wicking, synthetic materials.
Effluent is drawn up through fine media by capillary wicking and evaporated or transpired into the atmosphere.
Wicking material is used only in region to facilitate the path of the vapor to pipe.
Selective application of glyphosate, such as wicking or spot treatment is recommended in established pastures.
The wicking characteristic of a fabric is an important functional attribute.
Check for wicking, the upward movement of moisture to higher levels.
Waterproof boots are a must and a pair of moisture-wicking socks under wool socks will help to keep anglers' feet warm and dry.
With the exception of the wicking layer do not wear tight clothing.
Newer perspiration-wicking fabrics also are effective.
The foam is water-vapor permeable, remains flexible, and is resistant to wicking of moisture.
As with other systems, correct installation of the wicking system is required.
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