wicker in a sentence

Example sentences for wicker

Or a small wicker basket that is shallow and inconspicuous will do.
Coffins on display included one made from wicker and decorated with flowers.
There are neither photos of actors nor empty wine bottles in wicker baskets.
Later, she walked down the aisle handing out candy and hand sanitizer from a wicker basket.
The condo's walls are yellow and blue, the furniture is made of wicker, there are pillows and seashells.
Many private funeral homes present green alternatives to traditional coffins, including wicker caskets and shrouds.
Next to the beanbag is a wicker pig, a gift from her romantic disaster.
He sported a traveling suit with a feathered hat and a wicker suitcase bound with a strap.
Wicker's testimony was corroborated by other witnesses and evidence.

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a set of crushed and grease- impregnated wickerwork; on the wicker sofa a dirty dog, quite com... more
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