whopper in a sentence

Example sentences for whopper

Enjoyed the piece, but you opened it with a whopper.
The old adage certainly rings true here, make it a whopper so it's more believable, because the truth certainly doesn't matter.
The hogs in question are the whopper salmon attempting to swim past our fixed lines to their upriver spawning grounds.
But even by the shoddy standards of the notoriously-lax birthplace of the atomic bomb, this latest incident is a whopper.
So it's only lately that we've realized we've got a whopper on our doorstep.
If this whopper is a planet, it is the largest ever detected, defying current theory.
Then, he caught a whopper that took more than half an hour to land.
But, all in all, reports have not been too bad for this whopper of a storm which in some areas reached hurricane levels.
As big of a whopper as that may seem, there is some truth in that statement.
To significantly change the qualitative output of a simulation you need to tell a whopper.
So the distance between the truth and the whopper is not so great after all.

Famous quotes containing the word whopper

I'm getting married in the morning, Ding! dong! the bells are gonna chime. Pull out the stopper; Let's have a whop... more
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