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The ozone decision was jarring because it was wholly unexpected.
Even a wholly technocratic government can never fully escape politics.
No single pathogen seems wholly responsible for the disease, they've found.
Wheeler was one of the first prominent physicists seriously to propose that reality might not be a wholly physical phenomenon.
Wholly non-intuitive interface and small, pokey buttons.
When any wholly uneducated individual commits some deed of savage.
Hungarians seeking to buy forints had been battling with a foreign-exchange market that had almost wholly seized up.
As for overseas production, the article doesn't mention how many brand name drugs are produced wholly are partly overseas.
Mould by a charisma and wholly self centered they are actually borderline animals.
Because the communications occurred wholly intrastate, however, no federal law criminalized the conduct.
It also makes universities wholly dependant on the economic fortunes of the state and the whims of politicians for funding.
It's amazing though how a word can have a particular meaning in one place and a wholly different meaning in another.
Something wholly new emerges at these higher levels of complexity.
Perhaps someday researchers will find wholly natural explanations for life and the cosmos.
Other parents with working spouses may not have been wholly persuaded by his plea.
But there are still reasons to believe that theirs is not a wholly useless profession.
Others see it as a wholly legitimate military operation.
There is something to both arguments, but neither is wholly convincing.
The machines made by him are wholly of metal and are constructed in the best possible manner.
To me, this a seems wholly unconvincing explanation.
His long and brilliantly, successful career has been wholly confined to railway affairs.
Everyone's opinion is not equal, and some people's opinions are so deficient as to be wholly without merit.
The gaming tables may be busy again, but the flashy new venues have not been wholly successful.
All of which is patently ridiculous and wholly wonderful.
Yet the result is not wholly bad: in fact, as an elementary history the book is good.
They were wholly supportive throughout the rest of my eduction.
Nor is it clear that a willingness to spend on media-playing devices is a wholly good sign.
But what happens next might not depend wholly on what consumers do with the cash in their wallets.
The conversions from realism to idealism are not wholly convincing.
Breakfasts of such scale and scope that they are wholly unforgettable greet eager visitors in the morning.
But the third dimension, making a plane bank and turn, required a wholly new approach.
The characters in it almost wholly talk with that cleverness which is a delight to read in books and a rarity to hear in life.
He was in wholly unknown territory, but he was also in a familiar landscape of snow and ice.
Upon graduation, he secured a job working with college students in a somewhat haphazard but wholly innovative environment.
These ads reflect in part, but don't always wholly reflect, what the department might want from a new colleague.
And, so long as it enjoys safe havens across the border, the insurgency will never be wholly defeated.
No perspective is wholly true so you need more than one to see a better picture.
Though not wholly unjustified, it glides over a history filled with many disappointments.
Yet the timing of the latest emergency was wholly unexpected.
Many thought it described a wholly novel phenomenon.
What has not been tried is truly civilian rule backed by a wholly supportive army.
They know it has vanished, yet they do not want to believe that it has wholly gone.
The overall picture is not wholly negative, however.
Now both are obsessed with internal problems and have adopted wholly opposite strategies for dealing with them.
There is also the enticing prospect of discovering wholly new phenomena.
The film wholly missed fashion's sincerity and esprit de corps.
At the outset, you must realise that success is unlikely if you go wholly against the grain of human nature.
By the middle of the nineteenth century, the drama had become all but wholly stagey.
He is wholly preoccupied with the thing behind the style.
The thoughts his parents were wholly taken up in him, and his education was their chief care.
Such reputation as he has guarded depends wholly upon his songs.
Beyond simple changes in character development, alternative universes may have wholly different laws of physics.
Of course, wholly mental phenomena are not amenable to research by the physical sciences.
To wholly supersede the present memory standard in a mere half-decade may sound wildly optimistic.
And some readers simply think they recognize real people-even themselves-in characters who are wholly imaginary.
One could argue that the pageant never wholly recovered, although it certainly had its moments.
What fascinates the author is the way each speaker wholly redefines herself according to the experience.
He was almost wholly without sophistication and wholly without worldliness.
Amid clouds of misstatements he relies almost wholly on insinuation and bluster.
It is produced by a wholly new team that the publisher has hired.
Perhaps the current trend of many chess professionals taking up the more lucrative pastime of poker is not a wholly negative one.
But the notion that it could possibly compensate for years of lost output and lost jobs seems wholly implausible.

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