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Whoever introduced hops to beer for the first time found that there were a preserving quality to the addition.
Whoever finished first would be the head of the cycle.
But the alternative is testing on humans or letting the disease take whoever it wants.
Both you and the sailor would have equal claim to being right-the motion of the rock is relative to whoever is observing it.
Whoever gets the token in their piece is considered the king-or queen-and becomes responsible for the next king cake.
Whoever answers the trolley question reveals a moral shortcoming.
Moreover whoever is reviewing the cv ought to know the journals and their respective level.
Whoever reaches the end point with the ball first gets the winnings, usually goods put in a pile before the race begins.
Whoever thinks snow is white hasn't been in the mountains from dawn through dusk.
They truly have something to offer to whoever is listening.
Whoever he was, he quit before he could sever the crystal, and mine owners later installed a heavy steel door to deter looters.
Whoever is asking the question usually then goes on about how fun that must be: getting out, driving, staying at hotels.
Whoever says it makes a pretty big difference for what lies ahead.
Whoever carved the maze had known exactly what it meant.
But obviously, whoever wrote this song doesn't write songs for a living.
When the chicken is slaughtered, the harmful bacteria contaminates the meat, and can end up causing illness in whoever eats it.
It was built in a way so that nobody from the outside could see whoever might step out onto the balcony.
Whoever blogs on the next day, puts in the next countdown number.
Whoever said that solar panels had to be ugly got it wrong.
Whoever has the best view of the buffet bar alerts the other when a new vat of steaming hot crab legs arrives.
Whoever controls a strait is likely to control the sea and shipping routes of the entire region.
Whoever has the top bid when time expires gets the player.
Whoever gets in at the beginning of the urban mining will possibly be a part of a new gold rush of sorts.
Whoever they were, though, they had an incredible ability to withstand the cold.
For decades the rule in consumer tech was that whoever packs in more features wins.
In turn the world would end up under the control of whoever controlled the top neurosurgeons.
Food prices are outrageous now, so whoever builds one of these is going to want an immediate return on the investment.
There were no programs of training, and whoever was available was grabbed by the oil industry.
Whoever wrote this doesn't know what they are talking about.
Whoever wrote that should be forced to take remedial reading.
Whoever it is needs to get the ball rolling on stimulus.
As usual, it is ready to work with whoever is in power.
But the real prize will surely go to whoever can use the web to deliver a straight answer to a straight question.
The photographs themselves are so powerful and the message is definitely conveyed well to whoever gets to see it.
Whoever the perpetrators of these horrors and whatever their motives, they clearly counted on official complicity.
Whoever had it could keep the whole world in subjection.
Whoever serves well and says nothing makes claim enough.
Whoever gives thee a bone would not wish to see thee dead.
Whoever rejects it does of necessity fly to anarchy or to despotism.
For whoever meditates a crime is guilty of the deed.
Whoever works as an artist certainly feels as a father to his works.
He would increase service fees and split the money with whoever housed a concert or sporting event.
These days there's so much paper to fill, or digital paper to fill, that whoever writes the first few things gets cut and pasted.
Whoever was behind this was sophisticated, fast, and intelligent.
As soon as one of you cries uncle, you'll both be released, and whoever remained silent will get a large prize.
Instead of an immediate download, the buyer gets a bunch of promo codes which they can then send out to whoever they want.
Whoever you touched has had their lives brightened ever so much.
Label each drug with a precise description of what effect--good and bad--the drug will have on whoever takes it.
If you haven't seen them at your farmers' market, ask whoever sells broccoli to bring along the leaves in the future.
There, users can leave video messages and whoever is speaking automatically gets the focus.
Whoever the new president is, is probably going to be asking us to raise the debt ceiling again.
Whoever corrals them will hold the key to future elections.
Whoever leads the bureau would be a better watchdog by having spent some time in the industry and learning how these firms think.
All of us tend to then look for material that will satisfy that readership, whoever that readership may be.
Second, what political reporters and editors are doing is covering whoever rises in the polls.
But whoever did it said nothing on the radio or to their crewmates about it.
Whoever dominated national security dominated the state.
People who can be whoever they want, wherever they want, are a privileged minority.
As such they will sell to whoever will pay the market price.
It's obvious that whoever develops the first reliable all-optical switch is going to cash in.
My compliments to whoever chose the illustrations for the story.
Whoever makes this announcement is likely to become a well known face on the global stage.
Turning around that legacy will be the steepest challenge for whoever or whatever is to come next.
It would take only a moment to smash it against the wall and shove the battery up the nose of whoever was out there annoying her.
Whoever said life is an open book probably didn't have any friends.
Fidel, or whoever is tweeting on his behalf, has the hashtag down.
Whoever wins an auction generally pays more for what he's won than it's actually worth.
The playwright and the actors, whoever they are, will have plenty to work with.
Whoever designed this mind-boggling device must have a good sense of humor.
Whoever ends up owning it all, after the foreclosures and the workouts are done, holds out for the big payday.
Whoever came up with such an idea should be domestically beaten.
He also watched people moving and turned toward whoever was speaking.
Whoever wrote this post hasn't done a bit of research into wind turbines and birds.
Since they can date whoever they want, there's no pressure to try to get it right on any given try.
Whoever wrote the release should have known the media would zero in on that phrase.
Whoever picks this tripe is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Whoever was naming these things was pulling some serious wool over our taste buds.
He made it a practice to bump off whoever served as head of his secret police.
It appears that whoever looks at this tree will see his or her aspirations in life fulfilled through education.
Whoever survived that had to remain true to his talent in an exile of one kind or another.
The dream they embody is an alloyed dream that destroys whoever tries to get close to it.
Whoever wins, the old structuralism will be the loser.
In print it is silly and damaging, and boomerangs down the ages on whoever made it.
Whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder has probably never been in a long-distance relationship.
Be sure that you and whoever is serving food know the ingredients-all of them-of what's being served.
Each side has its own gods, and they'll back whoever prays to them.
Whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.
Whoever parked there last night placed two plastic chairs in the spot today.
Whoever provides the world's seeds controls the world's food supply.
Then if the dog started moaning or fidgeted, whoever was closest would push more sedative into him from the syringe.
Whatever the period, and whoever the patron, the artists expressed only the patron.
Whoever welded the door shut was trying to keep something in the room, not out.
He would be afraid that whoever had it could use it to work a spell against him and do him great harm.
Because then everyone realized that whoever holds on the hardest gets a lot.

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