whodunit in a sentence

Example sentences for whodunit

Despite the magnitude of the die-off, it's a whodunit that has long vexed geologists.
Writers read to see not whodunit, but how the author did it.
After all, the solution to a whodunit is never easy when you can't even be certain what got done.
It's easy enough to guess half of the whodunit denouement.
Fair enough, but the audience wants its miracles and its whodunit, too.
If he had really wanted to learn the bare truth about whodunit, he should have anchored himself to that white car in the garage.
But whodunit is only part of the mystery, and the second half of the film tries to explain why, how and with what consequences.
Wheeler's killing has become a confounding nightmare for his friends and family and a whodunit for police.
But the novel has aspirations well beyond those of the run-of-the-mill whodunit.
The story is more than a simple whodunit, and as the mystery unravels, the reader is led through a complicated maze.
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