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There isn't exactly a lack of precedent for people supporting strongmen who'll promise to put food on the table.
It's you who'll have to do the lying, since it must be done.
The local adjuncts are the ones who'll stay forever.
She should bring a friend, who'll wait outside his office.
There are hundreds of other people applying for the same jobs who'll be glad to have the pool a little smaller.
They will have alumni who'll write checks to create endowed chairs and gorgeous buildings.
Oh and by the way there are some donors who'll fund your initiative if you get into action.
Who'll be paying their usual taxes, all quite legally of course.
There won't be an independent public editor who'll take the staff to task when they've behaved badly.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks who'll resist giving up their internal combustion engines.
Which means, of course, pretty soon these are the people who'll be handing out the welfare payments.
And when they can, it's anybody's guess who'll actually be profiting.
Yet for every proprietary hologram, there's a high-tech artist out there who'll try to copy it.
The number who'll advance via the lottery wasn't disclosed.
In the second, you need a coach with deep experience who'll stick with you longer as you problem-solve together.
Work out a plan for the future with one who'll share it with you.

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