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Back then, it was an elegant-even over-the-top-shopping hall for the townsfolk who'd come here to buy their produce.
So he resumed interviewing journalists who'd covered the event.
Those who'd held the hot pads were more likely to be generous and give the gift certificate to friends.
Who'd have thought you could feel bloated and full because of too much lettuce.
Why shouldn't those who'd lost money in the market get a bail-out, too, he wondered.
Eighty percent of those who'd been staring at the dollar bills chose to work alone.
Finally, to anyone who'd accidentally read my speculations.
He was unlucky, but anyone who'd spent five minutes with a travel guide could have caught him out equally well.
The occasion was grim: a funeral for the comrades who'd been killed in the government ambush three weeks earlier.
Basil, a dashing and charismatic figure who'd been groomed to succeed their father as president, died instantly in the crash.
Instead, it was about currying favor with the departed, who'd been given distinct responsibilities.
We hadn't found anybody who'd done it in three years.
Bicycles are provided for those who'd rather strike out on their own.
Quantum mechanics made fascinating for readers who'd rather skip the mathematical complexities.
The people who'd witnessed the scene were dumbstruck.
It's too bad that he's the only primary candidate who'd think of running that ad.
But then you made some friends among the ones who'd been around.
Snipes, who'd come down from the bench, shook their hands.
Even if fine distinctions could be made in theory, it would often still be impossible to find pols who'd make them in practice.
Half of those who responded who'd left the field said their life is somewhat or much better.
Hopefully that's not the case, and there's someone out there who'd find us an interesting species.
The elderly, who'd had many years of dealing with all different kinds of flu strains, held up better.
Who'd have thought there would be so much computing and programming involved.
Everyone who'd doctored up their data had done so out of fear of not finding the right answer.
Writer recalls another poet who'd thrown a rock at a squirrel who'd spoken about the materialism of cities.
As night came on, it was almost exclusively protesters, plus the white guy who'd been busted for drunk driving.
The raffle came and went, and the townspeople began to wonder who'd won the bike.
There she was introduced to one of the reporters who'd gotten it wrong.
And, unlike others who'd begged off, he was ambitious and self-confident enough to think he could do the job quickly.
He reminds me of the kind of guy in college who'd flatten a beer can against his forehead after he finished it.
King obtained the name of the hunter who'd shot the deer from the numbered and dated tags.
People who'd quit more than five years before were the same as never-smokers.

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