whizz in a sentence

Example sentences for whizz

Bullets whizz by players' heads as they search for a safe position and weave through obstacles dodging exploding grenades.
The distant whizz and boom of falling bombs was sometimes varied by the cacophony of an anti-aircraft gun in the prison grounds.
It's got almost a whizz, as if there were fans in the exhaust pipes.
Small items whizz round a two-kilometre carousel and shoot into cardboard boxes.
It produces too few knowledge workers to attract the gee-whizz industries.
While there will be whizz, the stable parts are relentlessly growing.
The whizz-bang stuff tends to be much less valuable.
It was an ambush, so close that the cracks of the guns and the whizz of the bullets were simultaneous.
They hear the detonation of the bomb, the whizz of the rocket and it is music ringing in their ears.

Famous quotes containing the word whizz

The souls did from their bodies fly— They fled to bliss or woe! And every soul, it passed me by, Like the whizz<... more
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