white space in a sentence

Example sentences for white space

It's true that there is absolutely no detail in that big white space.
What a marvelous sight it is to see reindeer pulling sleds in this vast white space.
For example, the candidate leaves plenty of white space without going too far in the other direction and wasting space.
Leave enough white space to make the materials easy to read.
Double spacing is harder to read because the eye gets confused with excessive white space.
For your purposes, any decent format that employs a good balance between print and white space will do.
There is beauty, and there's also white space, waiting to be filled in.
There may never have been this many people this excited about white space.
You'll notice a lot less clutter and more white space.
If any elements of the command line string contain white space, wrap them in double quotes.
Use bullet points and white space to break up extended paragraphs and run-on sentences.
Extraction ends when the next element is either a valid white space or a null character, or if the end-of-file is reached.
Use large margins and keep white space to a minimum.
Throughout the lessons there is white space next to the text where you can make notes.
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