white birch in a sentence

Example sentences for white birch

Most of the trees in the boreal include conifers along with some white birch and aspen.
The flat, oblong planks of white birch wood make ideal materials for miniature log cabins or handles for homemade puppets.
White pine and white birch are the dominant trees around the shoreline.
Silhouetted against the mature white birch, the large bird reminded me of a giant, snow-tipped pine cone.
The forests are mostly aspen and white birch with areas of red oak, red maple, and white pine.
The bark from the white birch was used to make wigwams, storage containers, and canoes.
The first trees to appear, including aspen and white birch, are those that require abundant sunlight.
Surrounding the swamp are large-toothed aspen and white birch.
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