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Example sentences for white line

His golf swing appears as a tangled, incredibly complicated white line in the gloom, a spaghetti dinner of light.
The skin of cod is white, heavily mottled with gray, with a white line running the entire length of fish on either side.
On perched bird, wing patch shows only as a thin white line along the leading edge of the folded wing.
The white line marks the day-night boundary, so it'll be late afternoon locally at the predicted re-entry location.
Around the dark fluid was a bright white line, the pericardium.
She looks away, out of the window, and sees for the first time the white line made by the plane.
The pathway is divided by a white line so that one side is a bicycle lane and the other is for pedestrians.
It is separated from the adjacent non-preferential lane by a double solid wide white line.
If there is no white line painted on the pavement, you must stop the bus before the crossbuck sign.
The broken white line between the center and right lanes is then shown changing to a dotted wide white lane.
The white line represent the average among all the trend sites.
The shoulders are shown separated from the travel lanes by a solid white line.
The right shoulders are shown separated from the right lanes by a solid white line.
Drive your vehicle up to the white line, or stop bar, to trigger the ramp meter.
The falls appear as a ragged white line in this image.
The two eastbound lanes are shown separated from each other by a broken white line.
Two lanes are shown in the southbound direction on the left, separated by a broken white line.
The deceleration lane runs parallel to the right lane and is separated from it by a dotted white line.
The figure shows a roadway with three eastbound lanes separated from each other by a broken white line.

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