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Yes--another reason not to go over is that there is less of chance they will immediately identify me as the whistle blower.
The short riffs begin with a low frequency note complex and almost all end with a high-frequency whistle.
It is always those whose misdeeds are revealed that scream for the prosecution of whistle blowers.
Independent whistle blowing channels are a recognized principle of good corporate governance.
Depending on the species, marine mammals click and whistle at frequencies far higher than humans can detect.
And finally, think about the poor students who blew the whistle.
When the whistle blows the coach throws the ball high and the first centre who catches it can throw it to any of her teammates.
Flight whistle highly geographically variable, given in flight and while perched.
The frequency rises to a high whistle as he shoots by, then drops suddenly.
There is no one group that organizes the parade, no whistle blown to announce its start.
The sika is a forest deer with large moist eyes and a strange, haunting whistle.
The seamanship at fault: but this expression may be glossed by supposing the boatswain to have sounded that call on his whistle.
The whistle and swish of bullets is bad: it usually means incoming and close by.
In addition to being labeled with a symbol, each key was paired with a whistle that dolphins could mimic.
If you're in the dark for long and have to keep the kids from fighting, this could also serve as your referee whistle.
Various sounds are produced according to each whistle's size and shape.
To top things off, the darts whistle as they sail through the air.
When they realized that they lost after the final whistle-they lost one nil-it was shocking, the silence.
The final whistle blew, and fans spilled onto the field.
The noise from the release was a scream so loud that it drowned out the emergency steam whistle for five minutes.
And one of the jobs of the courts is to police the press by protecting whistle-blowers while also punishing libel and treachery.
And more could be done to encourage whistle-blowing.
Too often whistle blowers end up paying for their good deeds, rather than the culprits.
The same is true of the various press conferences that have taken place in vast, marble palaces all along this whistle-stop tour.
At the whistle they tussle and jostle until one is on the ground.
Recipes are included, of course, but there's nothing about whetting your whistle.
His career was almost derailed because he blew the whistle.
And that's not even touching the race-baiting and dog-whistle nonsense.
The grunt of a yak, a marmot whistle or a bird's wing-beat carried undisturbed across the valley.
He became widely known as a whistle-blower in a federal investigation of the disaster.
But that call was a predetermined call and he should have swallowed his whistle on it.
As one of his company's fire wardens, he had a flashlight in one hand, a whistle in the other.

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