whispering in a sentence

Example sentences for whispering

Whispering can strain the vocal cords more than speaking does.
They are lined up as though they are whispering to each other.
She started whispering to herself and stabbing at the paper with her pen.
Then he became aware of a tense whispering not ten feet away.
Whispering and giggling at the same time have no place in good society.
They clutched at me more boldly, whispering odd sounds to each other.
The editor of a movie is the one whispering in your ear as you watch.
All around him family members were shouting at each other, yet he was whispering.
It offers private horseback riding lessons and workshops on horse care, safety and horse whispering.
Alternately thundering and whispering from the podium, he wove together biblical, historical and apocalyptic themes.
The site was filthy, stinky and surrounded by appalled tourists taking photos and whispering about the hippies' odd behavior.
Don't talk unless you really need to and avoid whispering.
During the audible periods these two are heard whispering to each other.
The nuns are whispering together in their navy-blue veils.
Whatever solution this has is unlikely to involve sweetly singing golden-glowing ghosts and people whispering about miracles.
Scouts had been whispering throughout spring training that he could no longer catch up with a big-league fastball.
One couple sat near the window, leaning close and whispering.
The contrast between the sallow, whispering prisoners and their ebullient captors could scarcely be more striking.
His dresses are the softly whispering stuff of luminous dream visions.
He would monopolize her totally, to the exclusion of her brothers and sisters, and spend hours whispering to her.
He speaks in a clipped rush, as if whispering a secret on the run.
The secretaries are whispering something around the water cooler.
They're in the courtrooms, holding hands, gripping shoulders and whispering answers to questions.
Whispering drew his attention to the door, where a handful of the students had clustered.
It also features the inevitable whispering choir whose volume rises in the chorus and gets punctuated by a cymbal clap.

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