whiny in a sentence

Example sentences for whiny

And in our bedrooms, the persistent, whiny hum of their buzzing wings can wake the soundest of sleepers.
Whiny old expats don't know why the dream sours for them.
You've provoked some of that by being somewhat dismissive, condescending, and whiny.
We'll get back to the whiny wealthy poor in a moment.
Perhaps, she says wanly, your boss gives you extra energy through making you angry and whiny.
Next to that a few million whiny faculty hardly matter.
Plus there were other commenters who liked talking about grad students as whiny inept choosers in the market of life.
Consequently, the article comes across a bit whiny.
And everyone-left, right and centre-has accused him of being both whiny and self-serving.
The fact is that the ungrateful whiny beggars come to him demanding solutions he knows he cannot provide.
It's so refreshing to hear all the straw-thin arguments of the whiny right as they ignore reality and experience.
It leads to whiny emotional behavior due to lack of proper nutrition.
If only it wasn't for his whiny attention seeking display for all the cameras, the hostages may have done much better.
She answered every question and torpedoed every whiny excuse with e-mails packed with exclamation marks.
Suddenly the house seems smaller, the adults are short-tempered, the kids are whiny or fighting with each other.
The kids were probably better behaved than all the whiny people who come through the airport.
Patients may have been demanding or whiny or required a lot of work.
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