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Example sentences for whining

Finally, a thread that's not devoted to whining and pop culture.
Rather than whining about science, you might try participating in it.
Others-- please stop whining unless you have specific, actionable, better solutions.
Different feel is likely to induce whining when you beat your friends.
Maybe if you stop whining and criticizing others, the world will become better place.
Funnier still are all the comments of people whining about their supposed loss of freedom.
Several more seasons of whining by head coaches apparently softened the resistance, though.
Her whining would be annoying if it weren't so wised up and silly.
It is far better to be unemployed and whining on anonymous discussion boards.
Quit whining and make downloads available day-and-date with theater releases.
Many of the ordinances in the region are general prohibitions against excessive whining or barking.
Whining is not a good way to start, because if anything if won't make you more friends.
Their simplifications, generalizations and appalling command of logic only make their whining more risible.
It was a terrifying voice, quietly screeching and whining.
Students grew resentful about the quizzes and it led to endless whining.
With all that whining you are really barking at the wrong tree pal.
Don't come back here whining until you've called her.
Now those people have something worth whining about.
Don't even think about whining about how the physics students should pay the full cost of the accelerator.
More whining from the civil service, and public sector workers.
So much for all the whining and whinging stimulated by the media.
What you complain about is a normal step any state would have taken, so stop whining.
These employers need to stop whining and stop kicking the can down the road.
Yeah, this whining about difficulties in enforcing the law against wearing tents in public was expected.
They start whining when they realize that they have to give so much to make it all work.
The dogs were eager, whining and jumping up against the cages, the mesh thrashing in the darkness.
Beneath the whining low gears of the coal truck, he could hear a dog barking up from the hollow.
Sister had about had it, that was clear, and he heard her whining as loud as he'd ever heard her whine.
Instead, he resorts almost reflexively to this whining, overly-defensive projection.
He was a whining fellow with a churchyard face, and half a crown went far to console him.
And this whining makes it more difficult to ascertain the true cases of discrimination.
It sure beats sitting back and whining about being poor.
Sophomoric whining about the market and maintaining academic exceptionalism is not going to cut it.
The dogs exhibit attention-getting behaviors such as whining, pawing, or anxious barking.
All of you who are whining about this are truly spineless.
Then we'll have to hear more whining on the nightly news.
Which proves, that all those whining morons really don't have any imagination.
Whining about taking out one's own garbage is, in its own way, inelegantly arguing that doormen do deserve a raise.
Stand by for them to come whining expecting sympathy and help for their plight.
Ok here is the run down for everyone here that is whining about the changing of the times.
However, part of the whining you hear from attorneys today has to do with student loans.
Coming from someone whining that biologists make poor word choices, this is trying.
Wow the whining by all the nerds on here is sad, pathetic and funny.
Think about it and fix it instead of whining about it.
If you do not, stop whining and get a sense of proportion.
There has been whining as well as expressions of awe.
Suddenly, there's a whining sound, as if something's stuck.
Instead of hanging around the office whining, you walk out the door and find something better and cooler to do.
Oh, how far the engine-whining, exhaust-fume-infused world of auto racing has come on the road to being green.
We know when we're licked, and there's no use whining.
They may also show anxiety through whining, withdrawing from their peers, and losing interest in normal activities.
If you hear a whining sound from the rear-end, it may need replacing.
They cannot be cheerful, but there is no whining among them.

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