whimsy in a sentence

Example sentences for whimsy

Enormous truths can be revealed with a sense of humor and whimsy.
They also permit a degree of whimsy that may seem cloying in a restaurant.
Gaze at the vivid yellows, blues, and psychedelic swirls of a single emperor angelfish and you'll sense the whimsy of evolution.
Renovating a patio or a path provides the perfect opportunity to bring a touch of whimsy to the garden.
Normally, a camper has to choose between the whimsy of cooking over an open fire and the efficiency of a backcountry stove.
Plants gone a bit wild contribute to the sense of whimsy.
Colorful backsplash tiles contribute a mix of whimsy and history.
How refreshing to discover this little bit of whimsy and originality among so much of the same ol same ol.
The eye-pleasing adaptation wows with whimsy even as it delivers a dark message about modern life.
Now there's an activity that would take mere seconds, but might add a little whimsy and creativity to your life.
Such displays of whimsy help lighten the mood at what could have been a horror show of our darkest fears.
The papers are not bereft of whimsy, but it is confined to footnotes and asides.
For his whimsy, the voters duly deprived him of his job, after a mere ten weeks.
Its members protested outside the school with whimsy, turning up with sieves and toys on their heads.
The whimsy surrounding what was going on in the desert obscured the deadly seriousness of it all.
So the fact that she'd add a healthy dose of whimsy to the typically serious art of tattooing is no surprise.
But beneath this mania and whimsy lurks a deeper despair.
Yet whimsy and sentimentality blight whatever is good in it.
The splash or splatter of color makes a lot more sense when you understand the rage or whimsy or heart behind it.
There's a certain amount of whimsy at play here too: for instance, the brightly colored butterflies inlaid into the mosaic floors.
Nature's whimsy aside, salt conservation is in this winter.
In this exhibition the horse as a subject has been interpreted using realism, abstraction and whimsy.
All works will bring a sense of whimsy and imagination to this downtown urban setting.
And yet her lines can also entertain younger students with their sparkle and whimsy.
These sculptures are full of whimsy, and yet based on familiar objects.
Architects cloaked exteriors in elements that create a sense of whimsy and celebration.
Instead, there is a sense of whimsy and play in his paintings.
In a rococo whimsy, they are contrasted to each other.
The show is full of yuletide whimsy and winter wonderland.
And an old trading post was operated on guesswork, snap decisions, and personal whimsy.
For her versatile columns exploring life and the concerns of a metropolis with whimsy and poignancy.
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