whimsically in a sentence

Example sentences for whimsically

Once welcomed as daring, the hall was now scorned as unbuildable-a whimsically complicated folly.
Now and again a whimsically painted steeple breaks the horizon, its gilded cupola glittering in the bright spring sun.
Too many myths fly around whimsically claiming that weed is dangerous to health and to society.
Or whimsically decided they are, to annoy you when you're planning to entertain.
Whimsically illustrated, this is a rollicking good laugh as well as an excellent source of information on dinosaurs of all kinds.
Rustic, outdoor-themed rooms have ski and fishing equipment attached whimsically to the wood paneled walls.
Quarks and gluons possess a type of charge that has been whimsically termed color.
These little dogs are whimsically constructed, being apparently the members of large dogs cramped up together.
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