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Example sentences for whimsical

The songs here are supposed to be whimsical, but they are rather labored.
With his wild and whimsical imagery, the Russian-born artist bucked the trends of 20th-century art.
It's whimsical, yes, but with a serious undertone throughout.
You are every bit as kind, whimsical, generous and lovely as your books.
You need to recapture that daring, whimsical part of yourself.
What is whimsical and enchantingly simple on the page can look merely silly and simplistic on screen.
Whimsical and accessible, the writer-illustrator team presents complex ideas with their characteristic verve.
There's plenty to do here, starting with the whimsical gourmet candy shop on the ground level.
Cupolas and towers rise from some roofs, giving the skyline a picturesque, almost whimsical air.
The biblical rhetoric, as well as the whimsical retreat from it, suggests some uncertainty.
There are also a wide variety of form factors available as well, many of which appeal more to the whimsical side.
Some of the humor is quite whimsical or even silly, and plots don't always go where you think they're going to end up.
And if it was finally the book's whimsical side that endeared it to so many readers, the movie is missing none of that charm.
It is both an affirmation of the future of couture and a vote for unpredictable, whimsical creativity in fashion.
The free and whimsical cartoon caricatures have made way for a closer resemblance to life, which the camera can show better.

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