whimpering in a sentence

Example sentences for whimpering

For several minutes, the wolves performed a duet, whimpering as my terrier would in-between howls.
Literally shaking and whimpering until the bike goes away.
The manuscript sits in the corner, alternately growling and sighing and whimpering.
Only the whispers remained, and the little whimpering groans.
With foreign currency scarce, factories are whimpering to a halt for want of fuel or imported spare parts.
But then the animal should not really even have been whimpering: predators might notice and devour it.
She kept making little whimpering sounds that drove me mad.
She was trying to comfort him, whispering something to him, and doing all she could to keep him from whimpering again.
No effort is made to explain the poet's plight, no exegesis is offered for all the banging and the whimpering.
There they heard the sound of muffled whimpering that led them to a wooden plank held in place by part of a tree trunk.
Puzzled, the hounds circled vainly, whimpering disappointment.
Friends, even the patient ones, can get fed up after your thousandth phone call whimpering about your breakup.
Both areas filled in with houses and businesses and before long the newcomers were whimpering about the noise overhead.
In the confusion, some were whimpering, but there was no panic.
She appeared tired and lethargic and was whimpering.

Famous quotes containing the word whimpering

Ultraliberalism today translates into a whimpering isolationism in foreign policy, a mulish obstructionism ... more
The angels are stooping Above your bed; They weary of trooping With the whimpering dead.... more
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