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The difference between a brilliant idea and an utter failure is that squishiest benchmark in business: the whim of customers.
He should have an entourage of hangers-on jumping at his every whim.
Creatures like jellyfish lack their own way to get around and are mostly left to the whim of the wind and currents.
It's quick and easy to take your picture in a booth on a whim.
Most prosecutors can still be fired on a political whim.
Pique and whim should not be the governing principles of campus life.
It wasn't a grand, official announcement, but it was clear it's more than a passing whim.
For he now became subject to the will, interest and whim of another human being.
Salaries aren't decided on the whim of department chairs.
Selection of afternoon tea food is entirely a matter of whim, and new food-fads sweep through communities.
Faces are rarely true to any ideal type, but are a record in sculpture of a thousand anecdotes of whim and folly.
Catering to their every whim and desire because they are giving this feedback is a whole other thing.
Your course grade was then mysteriously arrived at subject to his whim.
The courts should not be expected to change the law to suit the whim of some otherwise out of work lab workers.
It means that arbitrarily controlling profit streams on a whim will be over for them.
Without some realistic basis for decision making, planners would be groping in the dark at the whim of vested interests.
The screen orientation switches between landscape and portrait on a whim.
But, if you're flexible and willing to fly on a whim, you might be able to snag a great price.
Shelter staff discourage people from adopting pets on a whim.
In the executive offices, you can say what's on your mind and fire people at whim.
As new words were borrowed from different languages, they were spelled according to the whim of the individual writer or printer.
He seeks to suggest ways to ensure capital adequacy that are more stable and less prone to political whim.
There are few democracies where city mayors can be removed at the whim of national leaders.
Moreover, there is always a danger that freedoms extended at the whim of a ruler can be withdrawn.
The later are subject to manipulation by ideology and political whim.
They lure you in with good rates and then raise them on a whim.
Purchasing a home should never be a decision made on a whim.
Moody dove into radiochemistry and heavy element work almost on a whim.

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