whilst in a sentence

Example sentences for whilst

Enjoy summer whilst it's here.
The works they created whilst on-site are now on show in an exhibition.
They will just vote whilst not having a clue as to why they are doing it.
Lets value each other equally whilst we do different things.
Both issues, whilst frustrating, aren't game breaking.
Yes, eating whilst driving can be dangerous, but eating on the street is hardly offensive.
Another car rammed hers whilst she was driving.
I'm trying to figure out a way to have some peace and quiet whilst I work, that's all.
The chin evolved as humans started thinking more and more and needed something to rest on their thumbs whilst thinking.
Many really do pack in a lot of involvement whilst on campus.
Regarding your question to communicate whilst still maintaining anonymity yes, that would be possible through e-mail.
It doesn't leave you in poverty whilst you're working, but it removes any chance of saving for your retirement.
Some nonsense is politically acceptable in academe whilst other nonsense is privileged.
But whilst gathering such data might be intrusive, it is unlikely to be of much use in court.
The company will continue its strategy of selling hotels to investors whilst keeping agreements to run them, he added.
Anticipate how little free time you will have whilst doing it.
Whilst it is undoubtedly true that many of the the people who they framed were correctly identified, others were not.
Whilst your article makes some valid comments, it misses two key points.
These supposedly favour killing as few people as possible, whilst frightening as many as possible.
Whilst a tax increase on various consumables lets you decide what your money is spent on via your consumption choices.
Whilst the idea was good, clearly the practicalities of it were not clearly thought through by the lawmakers.
Whilst obviously these groups have their own particular issues, comparing any of these groups with each other is pure hyperbole.
Whilst the major roads are gritted, snow is starting to settle, and a risk of ice is going be a nasty one tonight.
Energy efficiency measures can provide us with more energy whilst using less fuel.
One of those is that, thanks to its tiny sensor, it can't throw a background out of focus whilst keeping the subject sharp.
Some therapists tend to take an observational stance whilst others take a participatory stance.
Whilst this is scary it could be argued that adaptations of existing pathogens are manageable.
It is know for example that heat kills the already-dying, whilst cold simply kills.
Whilst now it is the gymnastics of the understanding, it is hiving in the foresight of the spirit, experience in profounder laws.
Our saint inured himself from his infancy, whilst he lived in his father's house, to all the exercises of a severe ascetic life.
Believing nothing done whilst there remained anything else to be done.
We cannot eat the fruit whilst the tree is in blossom.
It was his custom to watch great part of the night in the church in prayer, whilst his monks slept.
It's impossible to imagine the roller-coaster of emotions whilst trying to fight nonsense at the same time as grieving.
Whilst the public will find that interesting, obviously.

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