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While we've made a lot of progress in understanding sleep, we've a long way to go to understand dreaming.
When she visits friends in big houses, she notices how many rooms are vacant while people gather naturally in one room.
How do you avoid a financial crisis while traveling?
Not many people start a business while still in their 20s.
Take away the freedom to text while driving and people get nervous.
Detention while waiting for a trial can last for weeks or longer.
Even while asleep the body requires energy to fuel the multitude of complex functions required to keep us alive.
Sample great food and wine while enjoying live music and cooking demonstrations.
You might enjoy yourself while learning a thing or two.
Buy while stocks last.
The mesh supports the fountain, while the bucket serves as a reservoir that catches the water and holds the recirculating pump.
Here's a look at some of our favorite spots to drink well and eat well while the sun is high.
While not abundant, organic farms around the country offer locally grown, pesticide-free trees and wreaths.
Some poles were taken to museums, while others decayed or were destroyed.
In folklore the pig is considered an animal of progress because it moves forward while rooting around for food.
Legend has it that they observed an unofficial ceasefire while underground.
Other species of goatfish eat only invertebrates, while the yellow saddle variety chases other fish.
The natural world persists in abundance, while thousands of our own are dying.
But again, it seems more likely they'll remove themselves from the gene pool by making cell phone calls while driving.
Further, it is entirely possible to meet current physical activity guidelines while still being incredibly sedentary.
It does take a while to get used to the taste, but it's perfect for making hot cocoa or lattes.
Try it again and have one group chop wood, while the other inspects the log.
Among the four main categories of commitments, three focus on collecting and reporting data, while only one is about using data.
While that's hardly unusual in academe, what is unusual is that it was my fourth attempt.
While education is not a guarantee of later success in life, it provides a much more likely chance than does sport.
But the composition of debt has shifted sharply, as government borrowing has soared while private debt has fallen.
However, the budget balance is set to deteriorate, while growth could halve because of the impact of the global economic slowdown.
But if the poor stay the same for other reasons while the rich get richer, that is not necessarily worrying.
For the past three years, while profits have surged around the globe, capital spending has remained relatively weak.
Moreover, the device needed to be capable of doing all this while inside buildings and vehicles.
While suggesting there might be oil, further exploration was not seen as profitable at the low price then prevailing.
They did this by giving them small metal discs while showing them food.
And it's simply dishonest to do so while escalating the war.
Apparently the guy had been in several accidents while stuffing his maw.
While both games are based on the experience of playing music in a band with your friends, that's where the similarities stop.
Its software, while easy to use, does not have pricing information for every utility.
The story maintains cohesion and focus while giving each villain the appropriate attention.
While some don't mind, others believe scanning e-mail to deliver more relevant ads is an invasion of privacy.
Texting while driving makes people twice as slow to react to things.
There are many reasons why some prices fall, while others move in line with wages, while others spiral out of control.
While they are certainly playing a role, these two factors provide an incomplete picture.
Every once in a while, economists worth listening to agree about something important.
So while a president's economic promises may overstate the case, they're far from being all talk.
The people with the sledgehammers planned to shout unflattering remarks while this was taking place.
In my view, it is unacceptable to submit to one in public while wearing the uniform of a professional airline pilot.
Consider the simple act of changing lanes while driving a car.
One produces pigment for the hair before dying off, while the other becomes a new melanocyte stem cell.
And while the synthetic creatures sport a myriad of configurations, they share a strength- they cover ground quite efficiently.
After a while the animation changes and it spins the other way, but the change is so subtle.
While you were watching something happen down around her waist, something else was happening on her shoulder.
While these feats sound entertaining, the technology does have a practical purpose.
While a laptop fire can be dangerous, batteries for such devices only involve a few cells.
It will give them new mobility and flexibility on the lunar surface while still protecting them from its harsh environment.
So while motorcycles could help reduce oil consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions, these gains come at the price of dirtier air.
Lazy winter weekends are my favorite time of the year to bake up a storm while huddled in my tiny apartment.
And while the movement's pink ribbon is famous, the story behind the duo is little known.
Chicken or beef is sliced, while cuts of fish are presented whole.
While chicken stands, fill a large bowl three-fourths full with ice and cold water.
While dried chestnuts soak, bring dried apple and juice to a simmer in a small saucepan, then turn off heat.
While steak rests, pour off oil from skillet, leaving garlic and herbs in skillet.
Instead, its oddly resilient texture resists melting even while it so delectably does.
While the odds may not be in favor of these actors in the arena, they certainly were in the casting room.
While their meandering, dotty conversation is endearing and enlightening, following along is an exercise in stamina.
Texting while driving a car, or even a train, can be lethal: that is clear.
One used a medicine dropper to add lavender into the beige liquid, while another stirred the drops in.
While he was in kindergarten, everybody wanted to play the tomtoms when it came time for that.
The friend shot and killed an off-duty policeman while trying to escape, then killed himself.
But even then he'd loved to look at her while she slept.
While pirates were certainly cruel and violent criminals, pirate ships were hardly the floating tyrannies of popular imagination.
Not many people would have this sort of thought while feeding their pets.
It's almost as if he wasn't even looking down at the paper while he was drawing it.
Reform of the weaknesses that made this crisis possible is essential, but it can wait a little while.
Since the political will is missing, the problems continue to grow larger while the politics are also becoming more poisonous.
We sit with our heads bowed as if trying to summon spirits, while in truth struggling to see what's on our dinner plates.
After a while the population will grow to nine million, of whom the same five million work.
And they count on their concierge for everything from receiving deliveries to watering their plants while they're out of town.
Take off going forward from the edge of one skate while using the other leg to leap from the ice.
Pull in both arms while making three and one-half turns in the air.
Perry is asked if it matters that he has served in the military while others have not.
While this service will ultimately serve users, it will also pad the company's profits.
While urban centers thrived and city dwellers got rich, hundreds of millions of farmers remained mired in poverty.

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