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Ask students whether they think joining together with other countries might have an effect on a country's culture.
Evolutionary theorists question whether there's an adaptive purpose to dreaming.
Time to find out whether you got tenure.
All that matters is whether it's a good piece of writing or not.
Scholars disagree on whether students' work has worsened.
She questions whether the rate of autism is increasing.
Politely, he asked whether I would mind answering a few questions.
These quick sauces and dry rubs are delicious whether you're roasting, pan-frying, or grilling.
He thinks about calories, too, and whether he's getting enough vitamins.
It remains to be seen whether even small sequences can be extracted from ancient fossils with any regularity, experts say.
Ask students whether they enjoyed conducting the interviews and whether they learned any interesting things.
Such signals could hold clues to whether the planets have oxygen atmospheres, liquid water-or even signs of life.
Archaeologists and historians routinely debate whether to restore ruins for the benefit of visitors.
They question whether these teeth really belong to a lemur.
Then decide whether each sentence below is true or false.
Whether the organism is endemic to this area, and why.
In each case he asked them to indicate whether they thought a piece of music expressed happiness, sadness, or fear.
Much is still unknown about the mammoth ray species, including whether or not it can swim out to and survive at sea.
And medical researchers are now studying whether cells from animals can be used to help the human pancreas produce insulin.
Now it's time to decide, sometimes rather quickly, whether to accept.
He said he would talk to other members to see whether he can give me one week to think about it.
Whether you present yourselves as half a couple from the start, people may eventually learn that that you are.
In a difficult job market, people will take any job, whether or not it's a good one.
Whether it will be enough remains the biggest question.
The value someone puts on something should not, therefore, depend on whether he actually owns it.
It may be that restraint-whether voluntary or imposed-is the only way to avoid catastrophe.
Many laws, especially federal ones, are so vaguely written that people cannot easily tell whether they have broken them.
But it is unclear whether the president's proposal is anything more than playing to the gallery.
Comparing these with actual exchange rates is one test of whether a currency is undervalued or overvalued.
Whether anyone will want a government-sanctioned style is another matter.
Someone's chance of getting skin cancer, for example, will depend on whether he worships the sun as well as on his genes.
There have been worries over whether the recommended medicine is safe.
The debate centres not on whether all technology simplifies or complicates, but on the end sum.
What's more, these negative externalities apply whether the uninsured wanted insurance or not.
If there are effects later on, it's an extremely difficult distinction to make whether it is an effect of the drug-induced coma.
It is hardly disputable that addictive behavior can be clearly displayed in computer game playing, whether on-line or off.
Whether volcanic or nuclear, disasters anywhere in our interconnected world affect us all.
It remains to be seen whether his famously gloomy prediction is truly wrong or merely postponed.
The question is not whether acidification is happening, but how bad it will get.
Researchers have long debated whether a sensor for fat existed, given that many animals display an innate attraction to fats.
Companies marketing their products and services are going green, whether they're selling cars, computers or televisions.
But until now, toxicologists have been uncertain whether it causes cancer when swallowed.
The case was about whether or not evidence illegally gained without a warrant was admissible as evidence.
And it hasn't been clear whether they'd offer the same benefits to people.
Thus, he says, it remains to be seen whether the mouse data will translate to humans.
There's no word on whether he'll receive an invitation to spring training.
There's no word on whether he'll receive an invite to spring training.
It's not clear whether he'll receive an invitation to spring training.
And since the game is cooperative, people of all skill levels can play together, whether in the same room or online.
The irony is that there were fierce fights about whether to open the network to students from other colleges.
The majority declined to say whether that search was unreasonable and required a warrant.
Whether plants might respond to their relatives became a legitimate and intriguing question.
Abstract nouns that cannot be followed immediately by whether should if possible be replaced by the corresponding verbs.
After the paragraph has been written, it should be examined to see whether subdivision will not improve it.
It is doubtful whether they exist normally in circulating blood.
The freezing of motion has a long and fascinating history in photography, whether of sports, fashion or war.
Visitors can experience this heritage anywhere they happen to venture, whether shore or mountain, small village or city.
And the new findings might help settle a long-running debate about whether dinosaurs were warmblooded, coldblooded-or both.
Music is a way of telling a story-whether it has characters or not, it has to have a progression.
Other deep issues include space-time symmetry and whether there are extra dimensions.
Food usually costs the same price whether you stand or sit.
Whether or not this time frame is good enough is still unknown.
The shape of proteins on the outside of the virus determines whether it can get inside.
But no one knows whether these eleventh-hour efforts will succeed.
Among the fitness tests are two showing whether referees can run with players, some half their age.
Whether any reserve in the world is actually large enough is not now known.
The company website even includes a tutorial on composting at home, whether you live in the country or in a tiny apartment.
Whether it's a steaming bowl of grits or a stack of tender waffles, sometimes all you want is breakfast-even if it's past sunset.
Try incorporating thyme in your next pie, whether savory or sweet.
It's up to people in the aggregate to decide whether there's a need for the invention and whether it will endure.
The school board cannot change how many years you have in service, or whether or not you have a degree.
One big question is whether the unbelievably innovative culture he forged will live.
Set aside the question of whether there's anything to these charges.
Depending on one's personality and position, there is also the matter of whether others around us are richer.
Considers whether running every day requires will power.
In fact, it's not clear whether any other animal can teach.
New controversy over whether a single theory can explain everything.
Whether that information will actually help improve people's health remains to be seen.
The lively debate over whether cap-and-trade really does much to fight global warming.
But no one knew whether treating it in people who are still in grave danger would be any use.
The doctor will look at the sensor's display and know immediately whether she has to deliver the grim diagnosis: lung cancer.
If you live with animals, the real question isn't whether they can think or not.
The tabby crouched on the cage's platform is fiercely attentive, as if he's not sure whether he's the hunter or the hunted.
Or the debate over whether random data can become conscious.
In other words, they had the same stress levels regardless of whether a real hand or the prosthetic was in danger.
Researchers at first wondered whether dark coats help forest wolves blend into their surroundings.
In geology, it doesn't matter whether society calls these things continents or not.
There's no shortage of people who say they know how to predict whether the stock market will go up or down on a particular day.
However, there has been debate about whether these transplants actually integrate into the existing tissue.
The question is whether this can be done cheaply enough to be worthwhile.
Whether this measure would turn out to be useful is another matter entirely.
Your breath can tell a lot more about you than whether you brushed your teeth this morning or have been drinking alcohol.
What isn't made clear in the report is whether the design has been retrofitted.
Until recently, severe spinal cord injuries came with a fairly definite diagnosis of paralysis, whether partial or complete.
Obviously, security gives rise to some straightforward problems, and businesses should examine whether they have solved them.
When her husband finds out, he must decide whether outing her is worth losing his part of the pie.
Regardless of whether she succeeds, it's admirable that she's wandered so far outside her comfort zone.
But whether they stay or go, their attempts to spring the trap of their own lives generally leads only to worse disaster.
Whether a closed curve in space has a knot in it or not is, however, a topological property of the curve in space.
It is not clear whether this snake will bring any great temptations.
His obsession at that moment was whether or not anything could go faster than the speed of light.
By contrast, suppose you and your neighbor have bet on whether today's peak temperature would exceed fifty degrees.
The second was in the debate over whether to propose further rounds of stimulus.
They were asked, instead, whether they wouldn't mind spending an additional five minutes helping with research.
Its purpose is to tell people whether they should or should not go to a place to eat there.
The question is whether people believe what you say.
There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to install a cool roof.
First, you must be able to determine whether the cost will justify the energy savings.

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