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Cats do not have the genetic wherewithal to manufacture certain amino acids.
And with your mind racing as danger hits, you are not going to have the time or wherewithal to figure out which ones you need.
High oil prices give petro-economies the wherewithal to counter discontent by dispensing largesse.
But economists know that the only reason for exporting is to earn the wherewithal to import.
And that provides the wherewithal to pay cricketers more than they have ever been paid before.
The duo focused on mortgages to borrowers with good credit scores and the wherewithal to put down a deposit.
They gave him the psychological wherewithal to function.
But skills gaps-employed workers who lack the wherewithal to do their jobs properly-are prevalent.
The ones who do are those that have already proven they can live that long and have the physiological wherewithal to reproduce.
In an age of space travel, anyone with the wherewithal has presumably gone away.
After all, he was still only seventeen and sure he had the wherewithal to shape his destiny.
However, they lacked the financial wherewithal to compete with the large corporations who dominate this market.
Alterations in plant lipid metabolism can provide the wherewithal for plants to tolerate environmental and pathogen stresses.
They would have killed many more, if they'd had the wherewithal to do so.
Leaders do not want to change, and people rarely have the wherewithal to demand change.
Higher fuel prices could be weighing on consumer wherewithal altogether.

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