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Example sentences for whereby

Clustering is the phenomenon whereby firms from the same industry gather together in close proximity.
Quantum entanglement, whereby two or more objects are linked by an unseen connection, has some famously spooky effects.
Few human lives are not if the wit were prevalent whereby it might be done.
It is time for the owner to shuck his owner's syndrome, whereby he feels the business will only fail without him.
The university already has a program whereby top high school students can take some introductory courses on campus.
We are rather using science and technology to exploit scarce resources, in a manner, whereby they will get depleted faster.
First, there seems to be a misunderstanding whereby weight loss or weight maintenance is equated to healthy eating.
Angiogenesis is a physiological process whereby new blood vessels grow from existing vessels.
The pump makes use of electroosmosis, whereby electricity pushes fluids along-in this case from one end of the pump to the other.
We are about to enter an era whereby your car can communicate to your house, or to you via your phone or to the grid itself.
AW ordinarily paid invoices in batches, whereby related invoices were grouped together and paid with a single check.
Personal service, whereby the papers are handed to the absent parent.

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