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More about color and atmosphere than location and whereabouts.
Jeon implored the reporters not to divulge his whereabouts to his parents, whom he had told he was traveling somewhere else.
One is a system that tracks the whereabouts of the audience's heads.
But few, if any, records exist from that time to detail that shroud's whereabouts.
It hasn't been seen since, and its whereabouts are unknown.
The family of the gardener occupies one wing of the house, but they declare they know nothing of their employer's whereabouts.
True cavers are a tight-knit group that do not readily share information about the whereabouts of holes in the ground.
His homeless clinic was alerted as to his whereabouts.
There whereabouts of the little dinosaur are still unknown.
What's really needed here is an easy way to obfuscate your whereabouts.
But tonight, the police said they had no clues as to his whereabouts.
There has been no official confirmation since of his whereabouts.
The discovery has raised some fascinating questions about the missing daredevil's whereabouts.
It seems ridiculous that pirates can conceal the whereabouts of something as large as a ship.
Our artistic activity was a reason they found out our whereabouts.
All efforts to discover his whereabouts were unavailing, and he was given up for dead.
Asking around nearby villages yielded no clue as to his whereabouts.
Still, posted pictures may give clues as to its whereabouts.
No laws are being broken, they say, so they refuse to disclose the names of the pilots or the whereabouts of their planes.
No tidings have been received of the whereabouts of these or the others, and no hopes are now entertained of their safety.
In fact, the whereabouts of the vessel are now unknown.
Tracking a customer's whereabouts is part and parcel of what phone companies do for a living.
The first crucial step is deciphering their whereabouts.
Parts of it map the position of the body in space and the whereabouts of nearby objects.
Those cats were fitted with radio collars to track their whereabouts.
For more than a decade rumors swirled concerning the gold's whereabouts.
Law-enforcement officials are especially excited about tools that track and monitor prisoners' whereabouts.
Others balk at the notion of granting any agency, public or private, the ability to determine their whereabouts.
His whereabouts, the charges against him, and his condition remain unknown.
But the plethora of rumors regarding his whereabouts suggests that his pursuers have few concrete clues.
Now he is said to be back, although for months officials would not talk about his whereabouts or status.
On the other hand, phone data can be used to establish the whereabouts of suspects.
The feature can display the whereabouts of your misplaced handset on a map.
These balances represent moneys held for rightful owners whose whereabouts are unknown.
If you have information on the whereabouts of any of these individuals, please report it here.
The consular officer is required to request permission of the taking parent to conduct the welfare and whereabouts visit.
Claimant does not wish to pursue the claim or whereabouts are unknown.

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