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The wraparound counter of a corner work center combines good design and wheelchair clearance.
Before joint replacement, my relatives would end up wheelchair-bound.
Next, the team linked their system to an electric wheelchair.
The second device to use the system is an electrically powered wheelchair.
He came to court in a wheelchair, under heavy sedation.
He was confined to a wheelchair and could not even breathe without a machine.
She spent much of her later years confined to a wheelchair.
She is completely bent at the waist and is confined to bed or wheelchair, and cannot move her feet or legs.
The prognosis: that he would be wheelchair-bound for life.
In the past, patients have used these devices to spell words on a computer, pilot a wheelchair or flex a mechanical hand.
Over the next few years she progressively got worse and became a total invalid, needing a wheelchair to move around in the house.
Accidents occur every year that leave individuals paralyzed and wheelchair-bound for life.
No one expects able-bodied runners to compete head-to-head with wheelchair-bound marathoners.
While others pushed him in his wheelchair into the house, she rushed ahead to prepare the inhaler so he could breathe.
Wheelchair seating and listening units are available at every performance.
The wheelchair-bound brother has to scoot up the steps to get inside.
His previous owner was wheelchair bound and did nothing to house train him.
Wheelchair-using hunters revel in successful bowhunting trip.
Since holiday cruises are always full, consider staying in a non-disabled cabin if you do not use a wheelchair.
Some have refrigerators and microwave ovens and some have wheelchair access.
The exhibits and self-guided tour are wheelchair accessible, with wheelchairs available for use.
The facility is wheelchair accessible and outdoor seating is available year round.
Four wheelchair-accessible rooms are also available.
She is five feet nine in her stocking feet, and uses a wheelchair owing to a broken hip.
Handicapped individuals typically do not have the room to get a wheelchair out of a vehicle parked in a cramped parking lot.
Now he was sitting up in a wheelchair, exhausted but visibly pleased.
She now sits in a wheelchair while a doctor in a crisp cream-colored suit bends over her, asking questions.
Over the following year, her disease progressed rapidly, and she became confined to a wheelchair because of intractable dizziness.
The one with the wheelchair flying down a really steep hill into the waiting jaws of a crocodile.
When she arrived at court for her divorce and custody hearing, however, she came with a wheelchair.
She wants me to put her in the wheelchair, get her out of the wheelchair.
Now confined to a wheelchair, he is still unable to work.
Another rolled his wheelchair up against the commuters' feet and tugged at their sleeves.
It was a boon to the wheelchair crowd and also to parents pushing strollers and kids riding bikes.
It's probably harder if you have one and are in a wheelchair.

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