whammy in a sentence

Example sentences for whammy

Today's opaque pensions system is unfair to private-sector workers, who suffer a triple whammy.
Workers with traditional skills have suffered a triple whammy over the last three decades.
One of the biggest issues with them is that they are a double-whammy for slowing down innovation.
Bacterial shells deliver a double whammy to cancer.
The process makes economic sense but inflicts an environmental double whammy.
Poor health is a double-whammy which cuts productivity and earning power, as it increases costs to accommodate for therapies.
Now you name me any other product or service that has that triple-whammy: necessary, urgent, and cost-hidden.
So, cells with mismatched nuclear and mitochondrial genes face a double whammy of less energy and leaking free radicals.
It's a significant double-whammy that could have a lot of potential in controlling mosquito-borne diseases.
Mine is a double-whammy, being a vanity message on an organ donor plate.
When companies employ this tactic it is a double whammy for consumers.
Forcing us to expense stock options would provide us a double whammy.
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