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But such whaling, paired with high seas expeditions, brought many whales to the brink of extinction.
Artifacts also illuminate the group's potlatches, secret societies and open-sea whaling.
He had interrupted his studies for a stint as ship's surgeon aboard a whaling vessel.
Two boxers are whaling away at each other in a boxing ring.
With four ton meathooks, whaling knives and bone saws.
All it takes is political will in the remaining whaling countries to ban it.
The area's waters were once so teeming with whales the region became the whaling capital of the world.
The two-day trips also include a walking tour of the local whaling village conducted by a native guide.
With a strong whaling heritage, the coastline still holds a place of respect with the local population.
Musicians sometimes join the charter, playing seafaring tunes from the whaling era.
These animals have barely rebounded from the brush with extinction dealt by whaling.
Estes believes the root of the problem may go back to the days of commercial whaling.
And when the votes were cast, the whales were indeed protected from legalised whaling.
Everybody concerns themselves with relatively sustainable whaling because whales are cute.
Certainly the whaling campaigns have been successful.

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The only thing that was dispensed free to the old New Bedford whalemen was a Bible. A well-known owner of one of that ci... more
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