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The types of samples range from mammal blood to bird liver to whale skin.
The northern right whale is the world's rarest cetacean.
There is no eel so small but it hopes to become a whale.
The human brain is heavier than that of any of the lower animals, except the elephant and whale.
The tonnage bounties given to the white-herring and whale-fisheries may, perhaps, be considered as somewhat of this nature.
During the early nineteenth century whale oil was the preferred fuel for household illumination.
Among other talk, to-day, it came out that whale-ships carry no doctor.
Writer briefly tells about eating lion, whale, and porpoise.
It was designed to let the dwindling whale population recover.
Labor is scarce in the date packer's kitchens, and stuffing dates is a whale of a trouble.
The freezer case was full of curious meats: a snowy hunk of a fin whale's throat, a slab of musk ox.
The thrill of seeing a spout, or better yet, a breaching whale as it prepares to dive makes a fun adventure.
Whale sharks live in tropical and sub-tropical oceans around the world.
Nature lovers can board a whale-watching cruise and try to follow the gray whales as they make their annual migration.
Some signs suggest that whale-fall ecosystems have exchanges with other deep-seafloor communities, such as hydrothermal vents.
These profound, loud noises reverberate in the deep ocean and can effectively mask or block vital whale communication.
But one group of seismologists has flipped things around to harvest an extensive repertoire of fin whale songs.
The beluga, or white whale, is one of the smallest species of whale.
Have them draw the outline of a beluga whale, or let them trace a printout of one of the pictures above.
The mountain gorilla proved to be as good a fund-raising animal as the panda or the whale.
It was as if she was swallowed up inside a whale aslosh with flotsam.
Each one of these operations can snag a blue whale up to half a million calories.
If paleontologists are lucky, they'll be able to draw more branches at the base of the whale tree.
One company believes it has found an answer to these problems by mimicking the fin of the humpback whale.
As for the blue whale, no one would know to make it blue.
Its nobles sat on stools made of blue-whale vertebrae and ate all the dried anchovies and mussels they desired.
To understand how much water is in a cloud, it seems many researchers pick the good ole elephant unit, or sometimes a blue whale.
He grabs a whale by the tail and throws it a kilometer out into the sea.
If you're a whale you either have baleen or you have none.
Still higher levels were found in whale skin and muktuk.
The migratory baleen humpback whale swims through all the oceans of the world.
Despite anything you may have heard to the contrary, whale meat does not taste good.

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