whacking in a sentence

Example sentences for whacking

Both work under the lurking threat of removal, whether by a no-confidence vote or a whacking.
My memory had turned it into an extended sight gag, with his whacking himself again and again to get the job done.
And that's less likely when we're whacking teachers unions in ways that leave many teachers feeling insulted and demoralized.
Many businesses whacking employees in the fall and winter wanted only to survive another day.
Weeds are controlled by hand pulling, weed whacking and herbicide spraying.
Herbicide treatments and weed whacking are other tools used to control the spread of invasive non-natives.
Whacking off branches indiscriminately leaves long stubs where branches once grew.
If you need to trim branches to open up shooting lanes, get the landowner's approval before whacking away.
Dan pointed out there is a lot of weed whacking at the cemeteries.
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