whacked in a sentence

Example sentences for whacked

When the cables get whacked by an especially strong rain or snow storm the insulation may not block all of the moisture.
After losing one point, he whacked himself in the head a few times with his racket.
It's frustrating to get whacked by anybody who has the power of the pen, because there's no retribution.
So even though your car will be only half as heavy as it was before, it will still be safer when whacked by a heavier one.
The vice president had whacked his right knee earlier in the campaign, and an infection had set in.
We became greedy, whacked-out and belligerent in those lost, unregulated years.
He cleaned out around it and whacked down the weeds.
They get whacked a second time through their tax dollars.
And he met me for lunch and he laid out this whacked out idea.

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For most of the guys killings got to be accepted. Murder was the only way everybody stayed in line. You got out of line,... more
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