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Moisture-loving trees that thrive in moist or wet soils, even tolerate periodic flooding.
Swamps and creek bottoms, wet meadows, and moist forests.
By osmosis, the salt in the wet rub drew the moisture out of the top layer of meat, rendering it crunchy.
On wet days there would be an unpleasant odour of dampness, an aroma of overcoats dried by body-heat.
Because they need to keep their skin wet to breathe, salamanders generally seek moist microhabitats.
Spread the pieces in a large dish, and sprinkle lightly with salted water until slightly damp but not wet.
Wet macular degeneration can happen more quickly and be more serious.
In the wet season it more than doubles in area with a depth in some places of nine metres.
The long-standing theory of the moon being bone dry is now all wet.
When the dielectric is charged the droplet can wet the surface more easily, and deforms.
Remember to carry a plastic garbage bag for disposal of wet negatives.
The moon is pockmarked with cold, wet oases that could contain enough water ice to be useful to manned missions.
ON a hot summer night, a beer need only be cold and wet to satisfy.
The river experiences wet and dry periods that can last for years.
Roller coaster connoisseurs tend to dismiss water rides as too slow, too tame, and too wet.
One thing it probably would not volunteer is that things are awfully wet down here.
Tens of millions of families are on the skids because of your free market wet dreams.
Contrasting seasons of rain and drought characterize the savannah climate, typically with more dry months than wet.
In another case of nature-inspired engineering, scientists create robots that take a walk on the wet side.
If misting is your only option, be sure to thoroughly wet them several times a week.
The inside of the moon might not be all wet after all.
But during the wet season, the landscape here is completely transformed into lush, green forests teeming with life.
The key to success was lots and lots of water, year-round, in dry seasons as well as wet.
Apply enough water to wet the entire root zone and to encourage deep rooting.
The wet weather made them sad, and their sadness made them more aware and attentive.
In dry summers, you can wade across this river without getting your shorts wet.
Your stomach isn't there, and your mouth is dry, and your hands are wet with perspiration.
The first is the move from wet markets and small shops to giant hypermarkets.
In wet conditions, take dead branches off trees rather than from the ground.
The scientist is in to show off some special artifacts and talk to visitors about the wet and dry of oceanography.
More tolerant of winter cold and wet than other species add to my plant list.
In the wet season, with the river in spate, the ferry-raft is unusable.
Wet region is miracle for different kind of insects and birds.
Heat destroys bacteria faster in a wet environment than in a dry one.
Because the cement never gets wet enough to create a paste, there's little point in adding pigment to this type of project.
And it seems rather wet to accept a job as a political appointee and then complain about politics interfering with that job.
Since braising is a slow wet cooking method, it tends to break things down pretty well.
But if it's not planted or stabilized properly, it can present a hazard in wet weather.
Their skinny tyres and pudginess can make them woefully unwieldy in the wet.
Contrasting seasons of rain and drought characterize the savanna climate, typically with more dry months than wet.
For example, don't pick up a wet painting by the top and watch the frame fall to the ground.
In cultivated gardens, give them fast drainage and avoid overly wet conditions.
The same thing can happen to airplanes flying through cold, wet clouds.
If you live in a particularly wet climate, you might want to use an even grittier mix.
Use a wet sponge to completely clean off any remaining glue.
Not always permanent in wet winters more add to my plant list.
Keeping the plant too wet makes it easier for bacteria or fungi to establish themselves.
Mix a batch of concrete that is wet enough to pour easily.
It has fewer qualms, however, about overhauling another market in its fief: that for wet fish.
The air smells of warm rain, wet mud and leaking oil.
My knee gave me real trouble when it was cold or wet outside.
Right now, soldiers tote around multiple layers that offer different levels of cold and wet weather protection.
The minute one was cleaned and changed, the other started crying from a full or wet diaper.
The airplane is unable to slow down sufficiently on the wet surface and slides off the end of the runway.
They usually move incrementally, from field to adjoining field, needing wet weather to thrive.
In the foreground you'll see where the road looks wet.
It's only been out for about a day, so people are still getting their feet wet.
It's no fun to step in a mat of wet hair early in the morning.
Over time, they adapted to survive in these warm, wet places.
Previous work had shown that rice paddies emit more methane during the wet season than they do in the dry season.
Terrestrial species fared better than frogs living in wet habitats, where the fungus thrives.
She landed on wet ground, where rescuers found her conscious and able to talk.
And you can get your feet wet before making big changes.
Keeping the pant legs of long pants wet is also a good way to keep your legs cool.
Now, she swabs everything she has to touch with a wet rag.
Both are good for getting your feet wet in the process.
Whisk together the dry ingredients at home and then add the wet ingredients and sliced bananas at camp.
The consistency of chopped wet hay, the dung provides a hiding place for predatory insects and food for snails and fish.
Because the paint on the walls was probably still wet.
In the wet season, the basin fills up and all the animals have to live on little green knobs of land.
To complain about small extra doses of radiation is as ridiculous as a fish complaining about being wet.
The cloth kept the paddles from sticking to the wet clay, and left behind a decorative imprint when the pot was fired.
The newest sensation at theme parks is: getting wet.
Then all that's left is to add the wet ingredients and bake.
While paint is still wet, run a rubber comb around the pumpkin.
Then begin polishing with wet-dry sandpaper, diamond pads, or solid aluminum-carbide blocks.
Then wet a piece of thin cotton string and drag it through the bowl.
Summers are dry, winters are wet, and berries are happy.
Area is more in shade that before and appears a bit wet.
And watch the watering tomatoes and peppers don't want their dirt to be too wet.
Sprinkle sanding sugar over the still-wet piping, then tilt and tap cookie to remove excess.
While glue is still wet, slowly and gently apply print, working from one side of the board to the other.
Cool, wet spring and extra cool summer has taken its toll on everyone over here.
The best ones will offer protection up top, and security below to keep you stepping, wet or dry.
Those other turtles live in wet forests with closed canopies.
Because the weather was cold and wet, the ceremonies were conducted indoors.
Our clothes were all wet through, and the only change was from wet to more wet.
Spread in a wet pan, cover with wet paper, and chill on ice.
Cold and wet weather had set in, and a linen duster was all that covered my back.
The upshot is that, unless the country enjoys a wet southern-hemisphere winter, by next year it could face energy shortages.
And look for wooden pegs rather than nails in the soles: when wet, the wood expands and contracts with the leather.
Also, if you're advocating for the water, it's helpful to wet.
Tropical peatlands consist of layer upon layer of forest debris too wet to decompose.
If you look closely there's a square space that doesn't look so wet.
Watch for cracks and holes, and know that the terrain is unstable and slippery when wet.
Exploring the oceans no longer requires a wet suit.
We went out at night when it was wet and rainy, ideal conditions for frog mating.
It's so big that when the water hits the bottom, the mist sprays back up and you get really wet.
In boiling water, wet the ancho peppers and remove their seeds.
The wet sediments collect in low-lying areas and are rapidly buried by more and more debris eroding down from the mountains.
On the second day, rain turned the dig into wet misery.
In infancy, scrofulous lymph nodes were found in his neck and attributed to the tuberculosis of his wet nurse.
All that remained were a few wet and mangled feathers near the nest hole.
There is meanwhile an overbearing tourism industry that keeps a wet blanket over the spirit of true adventure.
The wet wood attracted insects and fungus, then rotted away and had to be replaced every four or five years.
If the day is warm and wet enough, the zoospores germinate, sending threadlike filaments into the leaf.
The books were covered with a thin film of dust, which she wiped away with a wet napkin.
It's a wet method, technically, since the food doesn't roast but steams in its own juices.
Even the texture is perfect, with the wet crunch of the lettuce mirrored by the dry croutons.
It seems more difficult to work with wet, sticky dough, but it makes the best bread.
The last time it was this warm and wet this late in the summer, the winter was vicious.
But as it lingered on my tongue, the faint taste of wet forest floor came through-not my favorite flavor in the world.
His fur was bedraggled and wet, she realized, from the tears dripping down her nose and cheeks.
The wet-bulb thermometer cools to the lowest value possible in a few minutes.
Each month during this period of time has a double digit amount of wet days.
While the wet season stays pretty wet, the dry season is almost bone dry.
The word monsoon refers to a climate with pronounced wet and dry months, and is also used to describe the rain of the wet season.
Most of the other plants that grow in the taiga must adapt to living in the wet climate of the swamp, also known as a bog.
Spring weather can quickly swing from warm to cool and from sunny to wet, so be prepared.
It was a wet, gloomy day, perfect for ghost-spotting.
Then he wet a comb at the cabin's iron hand pump and slicked back his hair and his little brother's hair.
Even a postmodernist bloodbath is wet, sticky, and red.
If a hole is made in a water building, you don't get wet, because of the vacuum.
Halfway up, it began to drizzle, and he grew anxious about her trainers on the wet shale near the top.
They're wearing wet rags on their heads, sitting near the house sites in the brilliance of noon.
Technically that means that your skin's temperature must be higher than the atmosphere's so-called wet-bulb temperature.
Laser light bouncing off the tip records its movements and traces whatever surfaces it encounters, wet or dry.
The common wisdom is that your fingers wrinkle when they're wet because they absorb water.
In this view, the odorant's unique pattern of vibration is what makes a rose smell rosy and a wet dog smell wet-doggy.
Obediently, the scribe smooths a wet clay tablet and gets out his stylus.
Farmers can plant crops that will be suited to coming wet and dry weather.
Rye and oats and barley were the main cereal crops, being more resistant to wet and cold.
My dad is blind from wet macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, and we're eagerly awaiting implants for his condition.
Wet-tree systems combine wellheads on the seafloor with piping to a centralized platform-a less expensive approach.
Since it runs on gas pressure instead of electricity, it can be used in both dry and wet environments.
The researchers are close to solving the boxes' main weakness: a tendency to soften when wet.
Because water is being created inside the fuel cell, the membrane is wet.
Evaporative cooling--blowing air across a wet surface to promote evaporation--has long been used in so-called swamp coolers.
The wet colloidal technique used was known for its many defect sources during the many step manual process.
When he reached the base of the cliff, he was wringing wet with sweat.
He went into the living room and opened the door-the wet snow was collecting in patches.
In this hour before sunrise, when the night dew was still wet, the warmth and animal smell felt good.
In the fall and the spring everything got wet and stayed that way.
If you are rolling out the pasta by hand, it should be as wet as possible.
He heard no sound at all, none that he would remember, and everything was wet and red.
The enclosure smelled of warm straw and the wet loam of early spring.
Gently whisk the dry ingredients into the wet, being careful not to over-mix.
We emerged at the bottom into a hallway that was slightly wet to keep the dust down.
He seemed to be asleep, even though he was out in the sun and his undershirt was as wet as a dishcloth.
If too wet, adjust the texture with more breadcrumbs, as needed.
The resulting paste forms a wet, viscous brown dough.
Add the remaining wet ingredients and beat on medium speed for two minutes.
The tears came in waves, as though pushed up and out from a wet interior about which he had known nothing.
Wait a few moments before getting dressed, then hold off on getting wet for the next four hours, minimum.
The cold ocean produces some of the best fish in the wet world.
The khaki safari shirt was wet under the arms and across the breadth of the yoke in back.
Then there was the weather-either drenching wet or burning cold.
Bogart, wet-eyed, spoke his responses softly but with precision.
He put wet towels along the bottom of the bathroom door, but to no avail.
Their hug-me arms waver in the hot, wet air, as if they are attempting to embrace something vast and invisible.
Everyone is anxious to get on the water and wet a line.

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