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And these people say that the weavers would be quite well off if only they weren't so lazy.
No one knew, or they weren't telling, who was carving them.
If it weren't for the fact they wilt, you'd swear they were manufactured not grown.
But those weren't the only recycled pieces in the garden.
But the cards in this exhibition weren't about making money.
Some of the smaller ones did but even they weren't truly proportionate to the body size.
As if finding that text weren't difficult enough, deciphering it could prove even tougher.
And let's not even go into the fact that some of those bones weren't even found in the same place.
At first, scientists weren't sure what pushed the plates around.
The bones weren't, however, enough to identify the species of the plesiosaur.
Many are the deformed spirits of people who weren't properly cremated, some no larger than your thumb.
So, they weren't discovered until they were starting to decline.
If you weren't paying close attention, you'd miss it.
Its nests weren't vandalized, nor was it suddenly preyed upon by a newly introduced predator.
But until now, simulations of the explosion weren't good enough to accurately reproduce the asymmetrical blast and its effects.
The two guys weren't carrying water jugs, and their clothes were clean.
Such pets weren't limited to dogs and cats but included baboons, monkeys, and gazelles.
They simply weren't used to being at the cutting edge of technology.
Moreover, both new degrees meet specific local needs, filling niches that weren't previously being filled.
They weren't afraid to unsettle the students, and they weren't so concerned with whether the students liked them.
Then they started broadcasting the accounts of those who weren't there, but were nearby.
He also says many donors are energized to give because they weren't asked to do so as often during the recession.
They weren't members of a large dance troupe at play, either.
Many users complained that the keys weren't comfortable to use.
White soon decided the oceans weren't big enough, anyway.
Another approach: an hypothetical intelligence cannot invent logic if there weren't logic yet.
Scientists have previously found small molecules that stick to beta-amyloid, but they weren't good at preventing plaques.
But these newsgroup dominators weren't posting much original content.
But actual fingerprint examiners weren't involved with taking the fingerprints of the gentleman who was denied entry.
Now scientists know that the bacteria weren't getting the nutrients they needed to keep on living.
Perhaps you ought to be thankful that you weren't born as a dog, rather than reveling in this self-congratulatory drivel.
There weren't any huge bony cavities for eyes either.
Those in the study weren't entirely blind before the therapy.
But then wearers noticed they weren't getting eye infections.
If it weren't, everyone would be ecstatically happy.
It is indeed a biodegradable polymer, but it couldn't be made from styrene if styrene weren't biodegradable.
As if global warming weren't problem enough, a row over how to determine hunting quotas has recently begun to heat up.
Ford's recovery began only when he got his managers to admit that things weren't entirely green.
The answer is that neither has prospered recently, though to be frank they weren't prospering much before either.
In other words, the resellers were allegedly charging consumers for taxes they weren't actually paying to communities.
If you weren't crazy by the time you clawed your way to power then you would become so soon after.
Of course they were: if they weren't take hostage, it wouldn't be any shooting.
The next day many shareholders showed they weren't prepared to risk their investments.
The rest of the students weren't told to get tested for the virus, so they wouldn't show up in the official tally.
The answer is surprisingly simple: humans weren't evolved to read.
We weren't allowed to sit on our squares, only to squat.
The letters felt potent somehow, maybe simply because they weren't e-mails.
They hid behind the columns to take pictures of the money and each other after being told they weren't allowed.
Comments left in the visitors' book weren't as harsh.
There weren't many birds out, but the woods brought on ornithological flashbacks.
Computer screens weren't portable enough, and for many readers cell phones were too small.
He uses interviews and historical information to suggest that many of the transactions weren't rational at all.
Over the past year, even though interest rates were extremely low, they weren't enough to push more buyers into the market.
The unifying element across this list is that the original recordings weren't commercially popular.
Journalists who initially came to her defense started to back away when they realized they weren't really in the same business.
But unless you fall into one of those two categories, chances are you weren't really aware that it was happening.
The moral is that these scientists weren't producing better research because they were smarter or more creative or had more money.
But it turns out that the carrots you offered weren't big enough.
Most ordinary people would know the one-space rule, too, if it weren't for a quirk of history.
If you weren't killed or seriously wounded, it was an exhilarating time of life.
They weren't the only ones thrilled with the port-a-potty conditions.
They weren't meant to be looked at originally as art or as historical artifacts.
The disease was so strange and rare that not only weren't there any answers but no one was even asking questions.
Others theorize that it was invented at a time when lemons weren't so ubiquitous in grocery stores.
Which wouldn't have worked if she weren't such a culinary magician.
We weren't sure what would result from pouring an egg-and-yogurt mixture over a gratin of potatoes.
Said they weren't the best you find this time of year.
Best of all, boarders weren't the only ones privy to this amazing bounty.
But it isn't as if the environmental situation weren't inherently alarming, or as if the donations don't fund some important work.
The sighted players weren't using any obvious strategies.
If photons weren't so light, you'd be shredded by a photon hailstorm every time you lazed under a sunbeam.
After that, patents on genes themselves weren't too big of a leap.
Gradually, however, she began to have a vague sense that the expected changes weren't happening in her.
But the findings of the study weren't all so cut and dry.
In this case the researchers weren't expecting to find much that was alive.
It's a bit of a pain and won't really affect people much, but if it weren't done things would get messy eventually.
But people could feed them and come up to them and they weren't aggressive at all.
For theropods, though, fingers weren't particularly useful.
The emails released weren't damning at all, and didn't show scientists tinkering with or faking data.
Unlike flocs, these flakes weren't clumps of unrelated cells.
But it would be a lot colder if the star's wind weren't ramming through it.
We weren't sure if this was true, but the atmosphere was becoming increasingly chaotic.
Another thing the show got wrong was that there weren't any mobsters or politicians at the club.
If the detectives found clues, they weren't acknowledging them.
If they had a suspect, they weren't saying who it was.
They needed stable leadership through the crisis, and they weren't getting it from him.
They weren't stage parents, but they've since become way too into the minutiae of his fame, he says.
And her clients-many of whom weren't yet born-seem to agree.
The smoking gun was found because you weren't vigilant.
There was a lot of talk amongst people that weren't being filmed.
It was hardly noticeable if you weren't looking for it.
In those days, racketeering laws weren't what they are today.
Although some of the poor settlers began to find the precious metal they came looking for, there weren't many coins around.
Before they were made by machines, coins weren't perfectly round.
They weren't familiar with what each other was doing.
They weren't familiar with the problems in the others' country.
Refuge buildings weren't damaged, but areas were flooded.
In the morning their weren't a lot of flies but some were still present.
There weren't any colored ballplayers in the major leagues.
They weren't at the head of unemployment rolls for long.
If it weren't for that pesky climate-change problem, petroleum would remain a great source of power.
These participants weren't asked to write down their age.

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