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How were you notified about the tenure decision?
Write as if you were dying.
Paths and retaining walls were crumbling; shrubs and trees were overgrown.
The geese were gone.
We were in the field for a couple weeks.
Those were the days
The books that were on sale were in excellent condition.
There were plenty of theories about why we got it so wrong.
There had been tenant-houses before, but they were not built for the purpose.
Weak and ailing people were heartened and healed by his presence.
And in them were the fathers of sons-and in them were the fathers of sons.
It would be well, if all our lives were a divine tragedy even, instead of this trivial comedy or farce.
ON entering the city the troops were fired upon by the released convicts, and possibly by deserters and hostile citizens.
Those who were given more options were less satisfied with their decisions.
There were so many restrictions on how students could use it that students and faculty alike up a wall.
Still, research libraries with a stake in that work said they were undeterred.
Clearly, people were hungry for the old, connected ways of eating.
Several ripe figs were set out to dry on a work surface nearby.
Tomato plants lined the road and tomatoes were all over the ground.
Many of the furnishings were custom-designed by the firm, vintage, or handmade.
The floors were patched and refinished, and the walls received a fresh coat of white paint.
Materials throughout this house were chosen carefully to maximize light, durability, and ease of cleaning.
For added drama, vertical indentations were painted hunter green and purple.
Not only were our gardens planted and nourished during spring and summer, so were our friendships and connections.
Unfortunately, they were feeding insects a little too well.
The really surprising thing was how varied our responses were.
Loaves of freshly baked bread were cooling on racks by the window.
The ordinary picnic table and benches were used for a movie set.
Whoever introduced hops to beer for the first time found that there were a preserving quality to the addition.
The flip side to this good news is that there were a lot of shade trees in those lawns.
Animals were viewed not only as pets, but as incarnations of gods.
It's been long thought that the ancestors of ostriches, emus, and other flightless birds that once flew were flightless too.
Previous fossils purportedly from this epoch have been fragmentary and were not well dated.
At first, a knife and an old shirt were enough to purchase a horse.
They were accomplished swimmers, propelling themselves by jetting water through their body cavity.
The researchers behind the new study also say they were more meticulous in how they interpreted pigment samples.
The communities were laid out around central plazas.
When synchronized sound ended the era of silent films, live musicians were no longer hired to play in movie theaters.
She simply couldn't believe they were about to be reunited.
Most were subsequently found alive after having become hopelessly lost in dense underbrush and rugged volcanic terrain.
But as the war dragged on, there were also periods of great deprivation.
Some of his tales were true, others near-fabrications.
The heroically scaled statues were meant to be seen from a distance with ease.
Public squares and parks were evenly dispersed at intersections.
Whichever object they were currently carrying was invisible to them, as if it were in a virtual backpack.
New genetic findings suggest that early humans living about one million years ago were extremely close to extinction.
Some decisions were delayed, but once the moment came, there was not turning back.
They were washed out to sea or into low spots and covered by silt from the backflow.
And such knowledge might help solve the long-disputed question of exactly why dogs were the first animal to be domesticated.
When demand dried up with the end of the era, companies simply abandoned their mines as they were.
They were then presented with different products and asked how much they would be willing to pay for each.
About a fifth of all new jobs were created there last year.
Both lives were also affected by the final phase of the cold war.
They did not say so explicitly, of course, but the omissions from their statement tonight were eloquent.
Neither the decision nor the changes themselves were based on anyone's political beliefs or ideology.
Sometimes the mortgage companies were buying each other's debt: turtles propping each other up.
They were therefore asked, please, to wash their hands with soap and water when entering.
Her right leg and left arm were partially paralyzed.
The six words and their definitions were e-mailed to nine lexicographical authorities.
One month, he had vertigo every day, bouts in which he felt as if he were stuck to a wall.
The charges were dropped after he spent more than a month in prison.
His secret police were everywhere, but so were his handouts.
We were going to have books in hundreds of languages.
His speculative and practical sides were frequently confused.
Stats climbed when deregulatory policies were introduced to boost farm production, but they've finally stalled.
The results were what you might expect for those whose pay was below average within their peer group: they weren't thrilled.
Cycloramas were the blockbusters of their day, drawing millions to revel in their illusions.
Copies were once again distributed to section members and this time to the members of an outside advisory board as well.
Ships were carried up onto the shore and numerous wharves were damaged.
First, they were given a problem-solving task where they would be paid for each correct answer.
Many were dead and others almost dead, and nobody had the health or strength to help the diseased or bury the dead.
The thing is, the high quality tapes were then lost somehow.
But they were wrong-and did not want to hear the answer that was right.
At first naturalists were not sure what to make of the funny-looking humanlike bones.
But after the initial layers of hype were peeled away, even this extraordinary claim started falling under suspicious glances.
Among them were some exploring the link between aggressive behavior and disturbances in levels of a chemical called serotonin.
There were places in the core that were light and yet foram-free--because they were crammed with grains of white limestone.
Early humans were able to plan and knew more about chemistry than we'd thought.
They were people who were born without chins or who had taken a speedboat turbine to the face.
Using this information, they were able to figure out a list of potential keystroke pairs.
But when incentives were cut, there was little interest in new projects.
In the study, subjects were briefly shown two subsequent images of a grating, each image oriented at a different angle.
The different layers were then etched using photolithography to make the final pattern for transistors.
Once that was done they were able to leverage manufacturing plants that employ millions.
If the flag were lying down, of course, the chances of spotting it might be better.
Until recently, concert recordings were made in stereo, with only left and right audio channels.
Participants were trained on the system via a novel visual feedback system.
High-bandwidth links were set up for intelligence units in the field.
Each camera was set at a different angle, and many were set at different exposures.
Many said they had delayed the start of new projects or were considering moving away from the field altogether.
The results were much the same for all six drugs: all were equally ineffective.
There were radios, but their delights-with the exception of a few programs-were reserved for the grownups only.
They were bound to work on land that was no longer theirs.
Containers were not stored in warehouses but stacked in the open, on paved grounds that resembled vast parking lots.
They were close and their marriage lasted seventy-three years.
Leeks in vinaigrette were exactly what they should have been, and the shrimp with mayonnaise were perfectly cooked.
There were countless spices, toasted until intensely fragrant.
Before the age of celebrity chefs, there were chef-celebrities.
The simulated shells were filled with eggs scrambled to a delicate creaminess with finely chopped truffles.
While these were small requests, they struck my family as huge cultural insults.
Her potatoes were creamy, perfect, with real butter pooling in small lakes.
The batter and the chutney were ground in giant blenders at the back of the restaurant.
The good ones made it well, and they were relatively inexpensive.
Soon, concession stands were integrated into the designs of theatres.
Retsina might be better understood if it were thought of as an aromatized wine, scented with pine.
They were free agents-it was in their own self-interest to spin the story to say they were tricked.
They were only about a hundred yards away from the blast site when they happened upon the scene.
There were seven actors altogether who were speaking the language.
They go on and on, expanding onto the plate as if they were alien.
We were writing about the emergence of ethnicity as a post-modern social form.
Late one night he phoned a friend and suggested that everyone might be better off if he were dead.
But there were other vigilante movies on the warpath.
It was a course of action whose value and urgency were acknowledged by everyone, but it was impeded nonetheless.
Now there's an ever-sliding line depending on when you were born.
Controls were enrolled through sequential-digit telephone dialing by using patients' area codes.
Many of the ingredients in it were already baked into the economy and were simply laid bare by the financial crisis.
Participants were asked how they had felt the previous day and whether they were living the best possible life for them.

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