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Example sentences for wept

When he showed much unwillingness they all prostrated themselves before him, and wept bitterly.
Where the wounded have wept, but still needed the balm.
Lying face downward she wept and beat with her fists upon the pillow.
The next morning the devil came again, but she had wept on her hands, and they were quite clean.
And now the sister wept over her poor bewitched brother, and the little roe wept also, and sat sorrowfully near to her.
They laid her upon a bier, and all seven of them sat round it and wept for her, and wept three days long.
When he arrived, and found it smelling somewhat strong but largely intact, he broke down and wept.
Grieving mothers wept over the remains of their sons and daughters.
He started every game to win it, and sometimes wept when he failed.
Now she sat in the courtroom and quietly wept, the tears rolling down her cheeks.
Her eyelids prickled and her nose wept, but at the same time her mouth went dry.
They would have laughed, and then wept, at our timidity.
The crowd roared and cursed and wept and threatened.
The old count wept because he felt that soon he, too, would have to take that dreadful step.
She wept, she grimaced, she could barely keep herself in check.
In the center, a marooned willow wept, with no pool.
His words were manna to the desperate crowds, who cheered and wept and applauded.
Charlene wept noisily, making herself the center of attention.
The eye oozed and wept and required constant attention.
The singer laughed till he wept to see us, he was so glad.
Weak and almost deranged, they wept at the sight of bread and meat.

Famous quotes containing the word wept

When Jesus wept, the falling tear in mercy flowed beyond all bound; when Jesus groaned, a trembling fear se... more
Then David and the people who were with him raised their voices and wept, until they had no more strength t... more
By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, then we remembered Zion.... more
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