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The gain is the difference between what you got when it went private and what your basis is.
He neither rose from poverty nor went off the deep end through drink or craziness.
Directors of the game device company went on living large long after their handheld flopped.
Went back and forth between stick and automatic for years, but always preferred the stick.
At unit two, the decision was apparently made to put seawater only into the reactor vessel, but the intervention went awry.
So she went up to it, and took out all the loaves one after another with the bread-shovel.
She went to the garden and cut a few broad, silvery stalks.
The connection went down once but was quickly reset.
If it meant sleeping on a filing shelf in the office to catch them before they went out again, he did it.
Or maybe they went all out, expediting the process and blowing out any flames.
We went in search of the best of this generation and found it.
My supervisor observed me and went over the notes with me today.
Then the wolf went away to a shopkeeper and bought himself a great lump of chalk, ate this and made his voice soft with it.
The trial was halted, hopes were dashed, and the researchers went back to square one.
When the recordings went online, however, they were anything but hits.
Everything looked possible-but everything went wrong.
Inside the walls, people went about their daily lives.
The food, the crane, and even the crane operator went into the water.
Thinking this was an isolated event, he went back, set up some more camera traps and waited.
And a few of us would pucker at levels of tannins that went unnoticed by others.
Any boldness and want for change went out of the window on his first day of office.
We went in late spring, when hotels start to discount prices.
Other dogs came and went so fast, they're now completely forgotten, lost among the dust bunnies of consumer-tech history.
Europeans went back in time to a system similar to the one that prevailed a century ago.
Showering after gym went the way of hula hoops long ago.
As minutes went bye the color red appeared as if the horizon was ablaze.
We went out several times during between snowfalls to shake snow off our arb hedge but it might not have been enough, dang it.
The world financial community went bankrupt through bad policy.
Maybe he miscalculated and it went it bit off the target.
Well, that first spring came and went with no morels.
Ray went into his own house and took an overcoat from a hook back of the door.
He went on upstairs, and then it suddenly occurred to him to ask himself what the spot on the linoleum might be.
Here she again paused an instant, after which she opened the door and went in.
Late in the evening the other soldiers were put into their box, and the people of the house went to bed.
My panting went from loud exhales to staggered chokes.
In each of the trials, the dolphins went to the mirror to examine the areas the scientists had marked.
Two washing-machine-sized satellites recently went into orbit around the moon.
According to the report, diabetic mice and rats went into remission five days after receiving the insulin-encoding gene.
Similarly, after the animals were given electric shocks, levels of the compound clearly went up in the hippocampus.
He followed two groups of adults who went through rigorous memory exercises.
For these kinds of detectors, the location of the spark can be used to identify when and where the charged particle went through.
Since they all went at the same time, they are all coherently in phase.
My livelihood as a freelance writer went out the window when the economy tanked.
It was clear as soon as the stage lights went up that this was not some low-rent puny-autocrat shtick.
It went without saying the portraits should be flattering.
As the game went on, the crowd shifted, backing the boys from south of the border.
Police pinned down no suspects, and the case gradually went cold.
But making money is the only occupation that was open to the people who went there.
We went to the local grain-and-feed store and bought an incubator.
As time went on, historians have found that all the bureaucratic restrictions were eventually broken or abridged.
Her eyelids prickled and her nose wept, but at the same time her mouth went dry.
And the economy emerging from recession is not the same as the one that went in.
In the old days, politics was something you went into after doing a real job.
Sales went through the roof, with store openings all over the country.
But, this time, almost all that went missing will be returned.
More importantly, he went on, his knowledge means that he can now take measures to ward off the disease.
Turnover tumbled by one-third and the company went into loss.
When the bet went wrong with the bursting of the dotcom bubble, funds went into deficit.
Theory suggested that as more and more retailers and customers went online, customers would become pickier.
The scale of the break-up went further than many expected.
She went into business selling phone calls to other villagers, making a small profit on each call.
There were seasons that his team went entirely undefeated.
Another candidate went as far astray as is possible in answering the question.
My mom went super-green and has now moved her obsessions into reusing baggies.
Both independently told their administration that if they hired the evil dean they were leaving and went on to explain why.
After that your grade went down a letter for each absence.
It was as if she awakened a spirit of delight wherever she went.
We spread them on the table with our hosts, opened a bottle of crisp white wine, and went to town in the warm evening air.
Louise got up all of a sudden and went behInd the kitchen counter.
They were sharing a house on the outskirts of a town in the mountains where people went for summer vacation.
He said he couldn't join the narrator for dinner and then the phone went dead.
Last week, the demolition crews went after the upper decks.
The dinosaurs are long gone, but their tracks remain, telling strange tales of where the creatures went and how they lived.
Poor people went to the public hospitals and had to wait in lines.
He and others went on to show that a slight pulse of electricity moving through the metal to the nerve was responsible.
Indeed, that importance lies at the root of what went wrong.
To make the tale even more dizzying, some snakes then went back into the water, becoming today's sea snakes.
He agreed to hip surgery, and it went without complication.
Part of what makes this so staggering is the amount by which these projects went over their goals.
Puzzled by this observation, he went on to check it elsewhere.
Average call time per customer went down, boosting productivity significantly and saving the company millions of dollars.
It's one thought that never went beyond a blue-sky conversation among his venture capital colleagues.
Others went so far as to predict an end to the business cycle.
We went back to the hotel, and had a couple of beers.
And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.
Its candidate was drawing mega-crowds wherever he went.
It reveals secrets of airplane crashes, including what went wrong and why.
All went well: the sound of wedding bells almost audible.
The plan went ahead on that basis: the wine began to flow, toasts ensued, and everything was going smoothly.
But his distance went far beyond any aesthetic concerns.
Incredible battles went on during press week as indescribable things rotted in the office refrigerator.
While hours of work went down so sharply, consumption went up each year.
Your job skills are outdated or your employer went out of business.

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