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Example sentences for welter

The city's welter of signs is a crazy patchwork of human desires given material form.
The inevitable consequence will be a welter of bad loans.
They offered a welter of statistics to back their clashing positions.
One theory is that some write-offs have already been buried in the welter of losses taken during the crisis.
Their ideology, they say, long ago imploded in a welter of violence.
They routinely include a welter of written information superimposed on the picture.
The globe is a confusing welter of bans, advisories and alerts on some pork and some people.
Record companies rushed to record the groups, and there was a welter of copycats from the mainland.
So the idea of creating a single agency that would order the chaotic welter of tests arose naturally in testing circles.
The shift fueled a welter of coups and cults of personality.
As a result, there are a welter of models describing how it might have worked.
Now the crossword comes in a welter of bewildering guises.

Famous quotes containing the word welter

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