weeping in a sentence

Example sentences for weeping

Runoff flows down a wall of alders, maples, and ferns as if gently weeping into the stream below.
Weeping about the demise of letter writing appears to have faded into history.
He leads them out past religion and history, thousands weeping now, all arms high.
He cupped his face in his thick hands and began weeping.
On cue, an argument begins about the removal of a body, accompanied by wailing and weeping.
It helps me make all those student loan payments without weeping.
The rest faded away into the night, many of them weeping, and not because of the tear gas.
Her skin was thick and pitted with old acne scars and her eyes and lips were swollen, red as if from weeping or a bad cold.
She was a year older and so pretty you could not look at her without weeping.
By the end of the summer intensive they are weeping as they say goodbye.
Pack a lunch and take a picnic break under the park's famous weeping willow.
He has spent his time in jail bewailing his rashness in committing the deed and weeping constantly.
He finds himself weeping uncontrollably and even after the normal mourning period he remains uninterested in making new friends.
Weeping willows, large green spaces and benches offer many opportunities for a picnic or a quiet stroll.
They stood in clusters, heads bowed, openly weeping.
But there's no missing the disease in its advanced stages, when faces are ravaged by huge, weeping tumors.

Famous quotes containing the word weeping

O the night of the weeping children! O the night of the children branded for death! Sleep may not enter her... more
...the heirs of the kingdom will be thrown into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashin... more
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