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Water weekly for the first few months unless there is regular rain.
After planting, water the bowls regularly and feed weekly with half-strength fish emulsion.
After registering, there are health surveys to fill out as well as symptom update reports that can be filed weekly.
Researchers tested subjects' vision again after a minimum of five hours of play weekly for six weeks.
The goal was to expose the practice on the animal rights group's weekly television show.
Small-format weekly magazine highlighting what to do and see in the city.
Practically all were of four small pages, each of three or four columns, issued weekly.
Entertainments, suppers, and lectures are held beside the five or six regular weekly religious services.
Our weekly round-up of things to watch out for in the next seven days.
The app includes free access to the editor's weekly highlights.
In a new take on teleconferencing technologies, a rotating display holds forth at the weekly meeting.
Here's one dumpster diving for weekly newspaper circulars thrown out by others.
If done right, all our weekly lawn clippings become ethanol.
He calculated that eating one boiled potato weekly for a month should protect against cholera.
We joined the group with enthusiasm and shared their weekly anguish when the staff had the day off.
But the books that transmitted this daily, weekly, and annual cycle contained only words.
Fiction writers read favorite stories, author interviews, a weekly political roundtable.
She gives these rattles away to her friends weekly, expecting them to do a certain thing with them.
Crew members fill out a lengthy, standardized personality test and then answer a weekly questionnaire.
The weekly average is the simple average of the daily closes for the calendar week.

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