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Example sentences for weekends

People get involved, stay on the weekends and always have something to do.
Never mind that on weekends the campus was as unpopulated as the surrounding countryside.
They don't often require meeting together during weekends or evenings.
These are given on weekends and no extra compensation is provided.
Meals include three meals daily during the week and two meals daily on weekends.
Of course, he's likely a tad more well-rounded than some, doing amateur theater on the weekends.
Reservations are strongly advised in summer, on holidays, and on spring and fall weekends.
There's a dedicated bike lane, but watch out for pedestrians who inadvertently cross the line on busy weekends.
In the fall you should spend as many weekends as you can out on a junk.
Note that summer traffic can be heavy, especially on weekends.
On the weekends you can have a picnic or simply relax in the shade.
They also come back to the shop twice a week after school and often on the weekends.
The students also come in twice a week after school and sometimes on the weekends.
Writing nights and weekends and publishing his works privately, he composed exactly how he wanted, freed from public taste.
Factories moved shifts to nights and weekends, when demand for power is slacker.
He spends three or four weekends each month on the road.
To relieve the dysphoria, they went home a lot on weekends.
But on weekends he spends much of his time lying on the floor of his apartment, pondering how his life has gone so wrong.
My daughters helped with the renovation and now work there on weekends.
She always delivered it, unannounced and far too early, on weekends.
Today's elite kids are likely to spend their afternoons and weekends shuttling from one skill-enhancing activity to the next.
Lazy winter weekends are my favorite time of the year to bake up a storm while huddled in my tiny apartment.
He now spends his weekends building new wrist-rocket contraptions and demoing them online.
Bank branches at the airport are open whenever the airport is busy, including weekends.
On weekends, when you wake up in the morning, the kitchen is as clean as you left it last night.
Driven on weekends and short trips only in dry weather.
Stations could be closed for entire weekends while the system is installed.
He was growing into the taskmaster who would prowl the parking lot on weekends to see who'd made it in.
They spend weekends together, and they travel frequently.
Weekends come around every six days, so your choices matter.
There are weekends on the college football schedule when flurries of upsets cause wild fluctuations in poll voting.
After four weekends of rain and delays, the skies were clear.
The hotel has free parking on the weekends and in the evenings.
Expect crowds at all camping areas during long weekends and holiday periods.
For instance, weekends are risky times for teenagers to be on the road.
However, on the weekends there are two complete morons who play with us.
As a result, the sunshade will temporarily operate only on weekends.
He'd work on his new company only at night and on weekends.
With those expectations come crippling hours, including weekends spent on the road recruiting.
Try to get in on the weekends when belly dancers add a little extra pizzazz.
Time dissolves in summer anyway: days are long, weekends longer.
At home on weekends, he crews a rowing machine for half-hour stretches.
Must be willing to do the work of three highly trained people and work primarily nights and weekends.
The weekends also include an evening program on birds of prey.
It is always closed on weekends and holidays, and generally closed after mid-afternoon on weekdays.
Must be available to work weekends and have great customer service skills.
Part-Time hours vary, but will include evenings and weekends.

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